If you are troubled by the problem of cracked lips, then follow these home remedies, soon you will see the effect

  • The problem of chapped lips is not only painful, but it also affects the beauty of the face. However, apart from not taking proper care of lips, this problem can also be caused by changes in the weather.

    If this problem is not taken care of in due course of time, many times the lips get so ripped that even blood starts coming out of them.

    Today we will give you some home made remedies Going to tell

  • Use coconut oil

  • If you are troubled by the problem of chapped lips, coconut oil can help you to overcome this problem because it has moisturizing properties.

    This oil can help moisturize chapped lips as well as reduce their wounds.

    To get relief from cracked lips, apply coconut oil on the lips three to four times a day.

  • Cucumber will work

  • Dehydration can also be a cause of chapped lips, and in this situation, using cucumbers can prevent the lips from drying out because cucumbers contain a large amount of water.

    To get relief, first cut the cucumber slices and make a paste. Now apply this paste on the lips and leave it for 15-20 minutes. After this, clean your lips.

  • A mixture of turmeric and cream will bring relief

  • Whenever blood starts coming from cracked lips or wounds are formed, then the use of turmeric and cream can prove beneficial.

    Actually turmeric has wound healing properties, while rubbing can help soften lips.

    For relief, prepare a paste by mixing turmeric and cream. Now apply it on the lips and after drying wipe the lips with clean, soft and wet towels.

  • B wax will also provide relief soon

  • The use of B wax can also prove beneficial for getting relief from chapped lips as it contains many natural ingredients like hydrocarbons, free fatty acids which can help in retaining skin moisture.

    To use it, apply B wax on your lips regularly before sleeping. By doing this, you will soon see an effect on your lips.

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