India invited Boris Johnson as chief guest of Republic Day- Report

  • India has set out to strengthen its relations with the United Kingdom (UK).

    Prime minister for Narendra Modi Prime Minister of the UK Boris Johnson To Republic Day Invited as the chief guest in the 2021 parade.

    In such a situation, it is expected that Boris Johnson will be the chief guest this time on Republic Day. On the other hand, Johnson has also invited Prime Minister Modi to the G-7 summit to be held in the UK.

  • Prime Minister invited last November 27

  • Hindustan Times According to Prime Minister Modi had a detailed telephonic conversation with Prime Minister Johnson on 27 November. At the same time, the Prime Minister invited his counterpart Johnson to be the chief guest at the Republic Day parade.

    The Prime Minister said in his tweet, “He has had an excellent discussion with his friend UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson on the ambitious road-map of India-UK relations over the next decade”.

  • The Prime Minister had given information about agreeing on various issues

  • Prime Minister Modi said in his tweet that in conversation with Prime Minister Johnson we have agreed to fight trade and investment, defense and security, climate change and corona epidemic with mutual cooperation. This is a quantum leap in relations between the two countries.

  • Diplomats told the invitation, Prime Minister Modi’s thoughtful strategy

  • Officials in Delhi have not officially said anything about inviting Prime Minister Johnson as chief minister, but diplomats have expressed hope that the prime minister’s move is a considered strategy.

    The Prime Minister has invited his counterpart Johnson as chief guest, given the serious Brexit case and the status of establishing new relations with the new US President Joe Biden. This can be a strong step.

  • reaction

    British officials also said positive talks

  • Informed UK officials from the conversation between Prime Minister Modi and Johnson have said that there will be positive interaction between the two leaders.

    He said that Prime Minister Johnson India With the Free Trade Agreement, there is an in-depth discussion on strengthening cooperation on climate change issues and fighting the Corona epidemic.

    In this, both countries have agreed to cooperate with each other and are ready to move forward.

  • chief guest

    Prime Minister John Major became the chief guest of Republic Day

  • Explain that on Republic Day in India, a foreign delegate is invited as the chief guest.

    In this episode, so far, representatives of the United Kingdom and France have been invited as chief guests for the highest number of times.

    Prime Minister John Major last visited India as Chief Minister in 1993 from the UK. In such a situation, Prime Minister Johnson can be the representative of the UK after 27 years.

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