India’s imports from China decreased by 13 percent, exports increased by 16 percent

  • After the dispute with the Chinese army in Ladakh India The campaign to boycott Chinese products has started showing effect.

    To be done from China to India in the first 11 months of the year 2020 Import Has decreased by 13 percent.

    In contrast, exports from India to China have increased by 16 percent amid the economic downturn caused by the Corona epidemic. This has been revealed in the statistics of the Customs Department.

  • India imported $ 59 billion in 11 months

  • According to customs data, India has imported goods worth a total of $ 59 billion from China from January to November 2020. This is 13 percent less than this period last year.

    Although imports from China were down by 16.2 percent till October, the decline has come down to 13 percent due to increased imports in November. This is a big achievement for India.

  • India imported these products from China

  • Looking at the data of the Indian Embassy in China, India has imported the largest amount of Chinese organic chemicals, fertilizers, antibiotics and aluminum foil paper from China this year. The lack of these has been the main reason in India.

  • India exports $ 19 billion worth of products to China

  • According to Customs Department data, India has exported a total of $ 19 billion worth of goods from China from January to November 2020. This is 16 percent higher than this period last year.

    According to the data of the Indian Embassy, ​​China has imported organic chemicals, iron ores, raw diamonds, fish, cotton, granite stones etc. from India during this period. This is a major achievement for India in the time of epidemic.

  • China will buy one lakh tons of broken rice from India

    China will buy one lakh tons of broken rice from India
  • Let us know that for the first time in nearly three decades China Start importing rice Have done China has taken this step after the supply shortage and the offer of rice at very cheap prices from India.

    China has contracted with Indian traders to import 100,000 tonnes of broken rice for December-February shipments at $ 300 (about Rs 22,000) per ton. Earlier China did not buy rice.

  • Chinese newspaper Global Times explained the reason for the increase in China’s imports

  • Chinese newspaper Global Times reported that China has not politicized the border dispute with India in Ladakh. This has led to an increase in China’s imports from India.

    On the contrary Indian government Politicized border dispute and curbed sugar exports.

    This has led to a decrease in India’s imports from China. The decrease in demand for Chinese products in India has also been a major reason.

  • India-China trade decreased for the first time in the year 2019

  • Let us tell you that for the first time in a decade, there was a decrease of two percent in the trade between India and China in 2019.

    During that time India imported $ 56.95 billion from China. This year there was a total trade of $ 92.89 billion between the two countries.

    In 2019, India was the 12th largest trading partner of China after the US, Japan, Hong Kong, South Korea, Taiwan, Germany, Australia, Vietnam, Malaysia, Brazil and Russia.

  • India-China relations hit due to border dispute

  • The relationship between the two countries has become bitter due to the ongoing dispute between Indo-Chinese forces on the Line of Actual Control (LAC) in Ladakh.

    India has more than 250 Chinese Ban applications Has given him a big shock. Apart from this, there is a campaign to boycott Chinese goods in the country.

    There have been eight Commander-level meetings to improve relations between the two countries, but a permanent solution is yet to be found.

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