Instead of throwing away the old pillow, use it again. Newsbaits

  • Pillows are used in almost every house, but after continuous use, they tend to be pressed or if any stain is applied on them, then many people throw them away as useless.

    However, if they wish, they can use the old pillow in many ways.

    Today we are going to give you some ideas related to the reuse of old pillows, which you will surely like.

  • Make toys for children

    Make toys for children
  • If you have young children at home, you can make toys for them using old pillows.

    For example, cut a double layer of a cloth in the shape of the toy you want to make for children, then put that double layer on top of each other and sew it on three sides. After this, fill the stuffing (cotton) of the pillow with the stitched side of the cloth and stitch in the last.

  • Give the old pillow a new look

  • With the help of this idea you can use your old pillows for a long time instead of throwing them away.

    For example, if your bedroom pillow is old, you can remove the stuffing from it and make sofa cushions or small pillows for small children.

    For this, you just make some funky cushion cover and fill the stuffing of old pillow in it.

  • Make a comfortable bed for your pet

    Make a comfortable bed for your pet
  • If you wish, you can make a nice comfortable bed for your pet by using old pillows.

    For example, as the cold weather has come, your pet also gets cold like you. Therefore, if you want to make a bed of his, which also gives him warmth, then you can use the old pillows as a comfortable bed for the pet.

  • It will work to store some goods safely

  • There are many things in the house that if not stored carefully, there is a great risk of their deterioration. In this case, you can use old pillows as packing.

    For example, if you have a big glass item, then to store it properly, first put an old pillow in their compartment, then place the glass item over it.

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