ISIS commander code-named ‘Prince of Battles’ because of the large number of assaults he took part in, is captured in Iraq

An ISIS commander known as the Prince of Battles because of the number of attacks he took part in has been captured in Iraq, local media reports.

The terrorist was arrested on Sunday in western Mosul having fled to Iraq from Syria, where ISIS is staging its last stand.

He ‘was involved in several fights against security forces in Anbar province’ which sits along the border with Syria, Iraq’s Alghad Press agency reported.

Mosul became a stronghold for ISIS after the terror group captured it in 2014 in an assault which announced the group to the world as a major security threat.

It was from the minaret of Mosul’s Great Mosque of al-Nuri that Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi proclaimed ISIS’s ‘caliphate’ before the city was recaptured in 2017, though not before the terror group destroyed the mosque.

Now, with it’s so-called caliphate in ruins, many ISIS fighters have fled back into Iraq in the hopes of fighting a guerrilla war against the government.