Italy: 101-year-old woman found infected with corona virus for the third time, no signs of infection

  • Italy A 101-year-old woman records for the third time Corona virus Has been found to be infected with. He was first found infected in February and currently in November for the third time.

    These women, who have seen the outbreak of the Spanish flu and World War II of 1918–19, are still fully healthy. Given his age, he has to be hospitalized only as a precaution.

  • In the second time, the woman was hospitalized for 18 days

  • As reported by Russia Today, these elderly woman named Maria Orsinger were first infected with the corona virus in February, while in September they were found infected for the second time.

    In the second time, he was also undergoing treatment in the hospital for 18 days, although doctors said that he was admitted to the hospital as a precaution due to his age and illness related risks.

  • Maria’s daughter said- they didn’t even have fever

  • Maria’s daughter Carla told RT, “My mother was admitted to Sondello in February and even then the doctor in the hospital where she was treated said that she had never seen such an elderly person in this way Haven’t been seen beating the corona virus. She was breathing easily and didn’t even have a fever. ”

  • third time

    Maria found infected for the third time in November, no signs of infection

  • Maria was found infected for the third time in November, after twice defeating the corona virus infection, although she did not have signs of infection. So far, he does not even have fever and does not even need help to breathe.

    Please tell that the mother of three children, Maria, is unable to move and stays in bed. She is also deaf and has a difficult time communicating with her children.

  • Other issues

    Two people over 100 years of age have given Corona a victory in India

  • Significantly, Maria Corona is not the first elderly person to beat the virus infection and many people over the age of 100 have been cured of the infection before that.

    in August India Of Kerala Kovid-19 was also defeated by 103-year-old Purakkatta Vittil Parid.

    After that in september Maharashtra Anandibai Patil, a 106-year-old woman from Thane, K, also defeated the corona virus infection.

  • Global status

    What is the situation of corona virus epidemic worldwide?

  • Johns Hopkins University According to, around 6.38 crore people worldwide Corona virus 14.79 lakh have been killed.

    Most affected America 1.37 crore people have been infected and around 2.70 lakh people have died.

    There are about 95 lakh people in India in second place, out of which 1.38 lakh have lost their lives. Brazil is the third most affected country.

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