Karnataka: Wistron admitted mistake over the violence at Narasapura plant, removed the vice-president. Newsbaits

  • The company has admitted its mistake in the past days of violence at the Narsapura plant in Kolar, Karnataka, of Wistron, a company manufacturing iPhones on contract for Apple.

    The company has removed the post of vice-president overseeing business in India, blaming its management and policies for the violence.

    Apart from this, the company has also decided not to take fresh orders till the matter is settled.

  • Furious employees created nuisance due to non-payment of salary

    Furious employees created nuisance due to non-payment of salary
  • Let me tell you that on December 12, thousands of employees working in the plant created a ruckus, accusing them of not getting salaries on time.

    During that time, the employees tried to set fire to the vehicles and the vehicles standing there along with damaging the furniture, assembly units.

    The employees said that they are not being paid as per the fixed salary. They are threatened with sacking on demand from the authorities.

  • The company had estimated a loss of Rs 437 crore

  • On behalf of the company, a case of loss of Rs 437.70 crore was registered against the employees. Police had detained 160 employees. After this, the loss of Rs 52 crore instead of 437.70 crore was revealed.

  • Interference

    The Central Government gave the order of investigation to the State Government

  • Taking cognizance of this incident, the Central Government on December 16, directed the Government of Karnataka to investigate the matter as soon as possible and submit a report.

    The Ministry of Commerce and Industry had asked the state government to ensure that investors’ perception could be affected by the incident.

    In such a case, present a factual report investigating the matter and necessary action should be implemented against the responsible.

  • The company admitted its mistake

  • Indian Express According to Wistron in the case, “In the investigation into the violence at our Narasapura plant, we have found that some workers were not paid correctly or on time. We deeply regret this and we have all our employees We apologize. ”

    The company admitted that it had committed the mistake of expanding the new facility and is now working on correcting these mistakes.

  • Disciplinary action is being taken against the culprits – Wistron

  • Wistron has stated, “Some of the procedures we put in place for the management of labor agencies while they were required to strengthen the payment system. We are now taking other measures, including disciplinary action, to correct this.”

    The company further stated that in view of the matter, they have removed the vice-chairman of the plant and are working on not repeating such mistakes in future.

  • Wistron’s mistake revealed in preliminary investigation – Apple

  • On behalf of the Apple company in the case, it has been said that the preliminary investigation has revealed violations of the code of conduct by Wistron. Apple employees are keeping an eye on the investigation of the case.

    The company said that their focus is to protect and treat everyone in the supply chain. The company is very disappointed with this incident in India and is taking necessary steps for early disposal in this matter.

  • Wistron will not take a new order till the matter is settled

  • Here, Wistron says that he is undergoing a corrective process. The objective of the company is to give full respect and expected compensation to all the workers. In this case, the company will not take any new order from Apple until the matter is settled.

  • The plant is spread over an area of ​​43 acres

  • Explain that the Apple plant, set up on 43 acres in Narsapura Industrial Area in Kolar District, is about 60 km from Bengaluru. The state government has allotted 43 acres of land in Narasapura to the company.

    The company had proposed to invest Rs 2,900 crore in it and assured to employ more than 10,000 people. Manufacturing company Apple manufactures smartphones, Internet of Things (IOT) products.

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