Kisan agitation: Dushyant Chautala broke the silence, said – the central government accepted the demand of MSP. Newsbaits

  • After the Central Government rejected the demand for withdrawal of agricultural laws, there has been an increase in disputes between the farmers and the government. Now with Farmers of Haryana A large number of Singhu and Tikri have started reaching the border.

    Meanwhile, Haryana Deputy Chief Minister and Jananayak Janata Party (JJP) leader Dushyant Chautala, breaking his silence, said that the central government has accepted the demand for MSP, now the decision is on the farmers’ unions.

  • Haryana’s Deputy Chief Minister is facing opposition from farmers

  • Let me tell you that till now the Deputy Chief Minister Chautala is facing opposition from farmers for keeping silence.

    This is why the tweet made on Twitter on Twitter to Deputy Chief Minister ‘Dushyant Kisan or Kursi’ went viral with 1.6 lakh retweets.

    Farmers say that JJP won the assembly elections only with their support and the Deputy Chief Minister is sitting silently when needed.

  • Central government fulfilled farmers’ demand – Chautala

    Central government fulfilled farmers' demand - Chautala
  • Indian Express As per Chautala said in Chandigarh on Thursday, “Farmers demand that the central government should give an assurance on the Minimum Support Price (MSP) in writing and the government has completed it on Wednesday. It is now up to the farmers unions to decide what to do We do.”

    He added, “When the government is giving written assurances, I do not think this matter should be taken forward. Now the decision is on the farmers.”

  • I am the first farmer – Chautala

  • On the question of several JJP leaders speaking in favor of the farmers, Chautala said, “I am a farmer first. When I refused to do so, but it is our responsibility to make the farmer get enough value for his crop.”

    He added, “In the last purchase and this purchase, our government has ensured that the farmers’ produce money goes to their bank account. Even Punjab could not do so till date and the process in Rajasthan did not even begin.”

  • Government will continue to purchase crops in future – Chautala

  • Chautala said, “We assure that in future farmers will buy crops and full money will also be deposited in the bank account of the farmers. We hope that when the MSP is guaranteed in writing, farmers from other states The demands raised will also be met. ”

    Explain that the farmers have been demanding a written guarantee on the MSP for the past several days, which the government has accepted.

  • Care is being taken to protect farmers – Chautala

  • Chautala said that the Haryana government is trying to maintain law and order at the protest sites. Apart from this, doctors and medical personnel, Red Cross staff and sanitation staff have also been deployed to ensure the safety of the farmers.

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  • Chief Minister Khattar supported the laws

  • Chief Minister Manohar Lal Khattar openly supported the controversial new laws.

    He said, “We are purchasing crops on MSP in Haryana. In the coming time, procurement will also be done on MSP. Former Congress Chief Minister Bhupendra Singh Hooda in Congress government also agreed on MSP. We are always on the welfare of farmers. I think. ”

    He said that the Congress had run away from the assembly during the discussion on farmers.

  • Farmers rejected the government’s proposal on Wednesday

  • Please tell that on Wednesday the government sent a 20-page proposal to the farmers. It talked about continuing the MSP system, making changes in the APMC Act, making registration mandatory for private companies and imposing taxes and attachment of agricultural land.

    After this in the meeting of farmer leaders in the evening Reject offer It was done. The farmers had said that the movement would continue till the laws were withdrawn.

  • Farmers have announced a nationwide demonstration on December 14

  • With the government rejecting the proposal, farmers have announced to hold a nationwide protest on 14 December. After the farmers’ meeting, the farmer leaders had said that they would jam the Delhi-Jaipur highway on December 12.

    Apart from this, toll plazas across the country will be made free on December 12. Similarly, there will be a sit-in demonstration across the country on 14 December. There will be protests against Reliance and the offices of BJP leaders will be cordoned off.

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