Kisan March: Protesting farmers allowed to come to Delhi, police will be with

  • In opposition to agricultural laws Delhi Trying to march FarmerThey have finally been allowed to enter Delhi.

    The government says that the farmers will be able to go inside Delhi, but the police will be with them.

    Significantly, for the last two days, the farmers were trying to go to Delhi, but the Haryana and Delhi Police were blocking their way.

    Now finally the government has to bow to the insistence of the farmers.

  • Decision taken after talks with farmer leaders

  • On behalf of the Delhi Police, it has been said that the protesting farmers have been allowed to enter Delhi peacefully after talking to the farmers leaders. Farmers will be able to come to Nirankari Ground of Burari and demonstrate in a peaceful manner.

  • Nirankari Ground is near Burari

  • It is being told that the Delhi Police has allowed the protesting farmers to gather at Nirankari Ground. Police say that the farmers will be able to gather here and protest.

    Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) MLA Sanjeev Jha said that farmers have been allowed to sit in Nirankari Ground near Burari. Delhi government will try its best to ensure that agitating farmers do not face any kind of problem.

  • Ground position

    Ruckus at Singhu border

  • After getting the news of the farmers coming to Delhi, a ruckus started on the Singhu border. It can be seen in many videos that stones are being thrown at the police on behalf of the protesting farmers. Also, barricading is being vandalized.

    The police used water canons and fired tear gas shells to handle the situation.

    In view of this, the Delhi Police has appealed to the protesting farmers to maintain peace.

  • Twitter post

    Khattar indicated the conversation

  • reaction

    Punjab Chief Minister welcomed the decision

  • Punjab Chief Minister Captain Amarinder Singh has welcomed the central government’s decision to allow farmers to enter Delhi.

    He said, “I welcome this decision. Now they should start a dialogue on farmers’ concerns on agricultural laws and resolve these disputes.”

    Earlier this morning, Singh also urged the government to start talks with farmers.

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