Law Minister said on demonstration of farmers- ‘piecemeal’ gang took over the movement

  • The agitation between the central government and the farmers regarding agricultural laws is increasing.

    While farmers are preparing to spread the movement across the country, Union Law Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad has made a shocking statement.

    He said that the ‘piecemeal’ gang has taken over the agitation by the farmers regarding the agricultural laws and this is the reason why the negotiations between the government and the farmers are continuously failing.

    Posters of Sharjeel Imam and Umar Khalid are being waved at the Tikari border

  • India today According to the posters and photos of several accused, including Sharjeel Imam, Omar Khalid, who were arrested on charges of treason at Tikari Border under the farmers’ movement and demanding their release, is getting viral. Some farmer leaders say that they should be released.

    Reacting to this, the Law Minister said that this is a sinister design to take over the movement. The government also has sufficient evidence of this latter.

  • Gangsters are taking advantage of the peasant movement in pieces – Law Minister

  • The Law Minister said that people like Sharjeel Imam and Omar Khalid are facing judicial process. His bail is being dismissed as he faces serious charges.

    He also said that his photographs are being displayed to take advantage of the opposition of farmers’ organizations. Perhaps due to the presence of such elements, negotiations with the government are not being successful. Farmer leaders need to consider this.

  • Do not allow agitation to hijack farmers – law minister

  • The Law Minister said that the government is ready to talk to the farmers with an open mind, but no response is coming from the farmers, such a situation was never seen.

    He said that the government appealed to the farmers’ organizations not to hijack their movement. These elements are detrimental to the sovereignty of India. Action will be taken against such elements, but the sanctity of the opposition of the farmers must remain intact.

  • Keep yourself away from the opposing elements: Farmers Union- Tomar

  • Agriculture Minister Narendra Singh Tomar said that MSP and APMC maybe farmers’ issues, but what is the point of making such posters. Describing it as dangerous, he appealed to the farmer’s unions to keep themselves away from it.

  • Movement in the hands of those who broke the nation – Javadekar

    Movement in the hands of those who broke the nation - Javadekar
  • Union Minister Prakash Javadekar said that the government is ready to negotiate with the farmers and has accepted many of their demands, but when the government talks to the farmers, Sharjeel is calling for the release of people like Imam.

    He further said that he feels that instead of farmer unions, this opposition has now gone into the hands of organizations that work to break the nation. This is a very serious matter.

  • Union Minister Danway claimed to be China and Pakistan

    Union minister Raosaheb Danve on Wednesday claimed that behind the ongoing agitation against the three new agricultural laws China and Pakistan’s hand is. However, he did not present any evidence to corroborate his claim.

  • Intelligence agencies gave a shocking report to the government

  • Here, intelligence agencies have sent a shocking report of the peasant movement to the government. The report said that ultra-left leaders and pro-left wing extremist elements have hijacked the farmers’ movement.

    Not only this, it has also been feared that these elements are planning to incite farmers to violence, arson and damage to public property. In such a situation, all agencies are on alert now.

    What is a smashed gang?

    There is no clear information about the piecemeal gang yet. The shocking thing is that even the government itself has no information about this gang.

    This is the reason that during the debate in the Lok Sabha on February 11, Congress leaders Vincent H Pala and Jasbir Singh Gill had asked the Ministry of Home Affairs for the information about this gang, but the Ministry had knowledge about any such gang Refused Was.

    This is the situation of the farmer’s movement at present

    Farmer leaders have turned it down after the Central Government on Thursday appealed to the farmers to accept the proposal.

    Farmer leaders are now adamant that agricultural laws should be repealed, else they will agitate throughout the country and block railway tracks across the country.

    After this, the farmers of Punjab have now started moving towards Delhi. The government is monitoring the entire situation.