Madhya Pradesh: Dalit family accuses BJP of harassing BJP for not voting

  • The Election Commission on one side claims to conduct fair and bold voting, on the other hand Madhya Pradesh In Shivpuri, voting on his own will became a problem for a Dalit family.

    This Dalit family did not vote for the BJP in the assembly by-elections. Now the family alleges that relatives of a minister of state are harassing them.

    In protest, the Dalit family is sitting on a dharna outside the Superintendent of Police office.

  • BJP is getting punishment for not voting – Dalit family

  • Dalit family sitting on dharna outside Superintendent of Police office NDTV Told that the assembly by-elections were held on November 3 in Shivpuri. In this he did not vote in favor of BJP.

    After this, his relatives started torturing him at the behest of Suresh Dhakad Rathkheda, the leader and the Minister of State in the government. He harasses them every day and has beaten them many times.

  • A false case was filed against the family

  • The victim family, resident of Jhalwas village in Pohli, alleged that Minister of State Suresh Dhakad won the election by defeating the BSP candidate. Since then their relationship has been bothering them.

    Not only this, the accused have also registered a false case against them. Due to this, it has become difficult for them to stay in the village.

    He had also complained to the police station in this regard, but no one helped.

  • Family forced to live on the road in harsh winter

  • The victim’s family said that they have been sitting on a dharna outside the Superintendent of Police office since Monday in the hope of justice. They are cooking and eating right here and are forced to sleep on the road in the bitter cold.

  • reaction

    Ordered to investigate the matter – ASP

    Ordered to investigate the matter - ASP
  • Additional Superintendent of Police (ASP) Pravin Bhuria said that the police had not received any complaint regarding the vote. The victim’s family had a dispute with the Dhakad family. The family alleges that a false case has been filed against them.

    He said that the statement of the victim’s family has been recorded in the case. Apart from this, the police station concerned has also been ordered to investigate the matter. Action will be taken soon in the case.

  • Minister of State did not give any response in the case

  • NDTV According to it, several attempts were made to contact Minister of State Dhakad in the matter and several messages were also sent, but he has not given any response to this. Efforts are constantly being made to contact the minister.

  • Dalits have been tortured even before

  • This is not the first time Dalits have been tortured in Shivpuri district. Earlier in September 2019, two Dalit children were beaten to death by two Yadav men for defecating in the open in Gwalior-Chambal region.

    Similarly, in November 2019, 14 tribal families in Balaghat district were ostracized from society for not giving enough donations to the village’s Durga Puja festival. After which the families requested SP for help.

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