Maharashtra: There will be no vaccination in the state for two days due to technical flaw in the Kovin app. Newsbaits

  • Due to a technical flaw in the Kovin app on Saturday, the Maharashtra government has halted the Corona Vaccination campaign till January 18 in the state.

    Officials say that the next date and time of vaccination will be announced on Monday if this technical flaw is overcome in time.

    The Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) has also issued a notice in this regard in Mumbai.

    Come, let us know the whole news.

  • What is the Cowin app?

  • The government has designed the Covin platform to monitor the corona vaccination. It has uploaded the data of all the health workers who want to take the vaccine for the initial phase. It is on this basis that they are called for vaccination.

  • What does the statement say?

  • A statement issued by the government said that during the vaccination campaign on January 16, it was found that there was a technical flaw in the Kovin app. The central government tried to solve this problem. Digital registration is mandatory for vaccination. Due to technical shortage, the center had allowed offline registration for one day, but now the order has been received that all registrations should be done through the Kovin app.

  • Maharashtra

    There will be no vaccination on January 17 and 18

    There will be no vaccination on January 17 and 18
  • The statement further said that in view of this, there will be no vaccination in the state till January 17 and 18. After removing the technical flaws in the Kovin app, the campaign will regain its momentum.

    This flaw in the Kovin app also affected the target set for vaccination on the first day in Maharashtra. Only 65 percent of the target people got vaccinated in the state on the first day.

  • Elsewhere, there was a flaw in the Kovin app

  • Apart from Maharashtra, there were reports of flaws in the Kovin app in other states. Due to this, vaccination was affected in many places. The government has also acknowledged the failure of the app and said that it should be removed at the earliest.

  • Vaccination campaign

    1.90 lakh health workers were vaccinated on the first day

  • On Saturday morning, Prime Minister Modi started the world’s largest vaccination campaign.

    On this occasion, he congratulated the country and appreciated the scientists who made the vaccine.

    A total of 1,91,181 people were given the first dose of vaccine at 3,351 centers on the first day in the country. However, the number fell short of the target of three lakhs.

    The biggest thing is that none of the health workers receiving the vaccine have serious side effects.

  • Vaccination campaign

    In which state, how many health workers got the vaccine

  • Health Ministry officials said that 373 health workers were vaccinated in Andhra Pradesh (16,963), Arunachal Pradesh (743), Bihar (16,401), Chhattisgarh (4,985), Delhi (3,403) and Goa.

    Similarly in Haryana (4,656), Himachal Pradesh (1,408), Jammu and Kashmir (1,954), Jharkhand (2,897), Karnataka (12,637), Kerala (7,206), Ladakh (76), Maharashtra (15,727), Gujarat (8,557) , Madhya Pradesh (6,739), Manipur (510), Meghalaya (509), Mizoram (340), Nagaland (499), Odisha (8,675), Punjab (1,200), Rajasthan (9,279), Tamil Nadu (2,728), Uttar Pradesh 15,975 health workers and frontline workers were vaccinated.

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