Make spinach paneer in this way at home, eaters will not forget the taste

  • If you are thinking of making something in lunch or dinner that is not only tasty but also beneficial for health, then trying the spinach cheese vegetable may be a better option.

    If you want to enjoy the flavors of this vegetable, then you can make it at home in a few minutes by easy method.

    Let’s go with spinach cheese Recipe Know.

  • Supplies

    To make spinach cheese, you will need these things

  • 1) 500 grams Spinach

    2) 300 grams Paneer (sliced ​​into cubes)

    3) three to four tomatoes

    4) One or two green chillies

    5) One inch piece of ginger

    6) Half teaspoon cumin seeds

    7) A pinch of Asafoetida

    8) One fourth teaspoon turmeric powder

    9) One fourth teaspoon red chilli powder

    10) Salt (as per taste)

    11) One tablespoon gram flour

    12) One fourth teaspoon garam masala

    13) Green coriander (finely chopped)

    14) Cream (to garnish)

  • First of all, prepare spinach and paneer for vegetable

  • First of all, break the spinach leaves and wash them twice and sieve in a sieve pot.

    Now put spinach and two tablespoons of water in a vessel and cover the pot and boil it for five minutes on a low flame. After this leave the spinach to cool. When the spinach cools down, put it in a mixer jar and grind it well.

    After this, fry the paneer in a pan and take it out in a plate.

  • Prepare Spices for Spinach Paneer

  • First, put tomatoes, green chilies and ginger in a mixer jar and grind them well.

    After this, heat a refined oil by putting a pan on the gas, then fry asafetida and cumin seeds in the pan.

    After this, fry a little after adding turmeric powder, coriander powder, red chili powder and gram flour in the pan, then add tomato paste to this spice and fry it till the oil starts to appear.

  • How to give spinach cheese final shape

  • When the roasted spice oil starts appearing in the pan, add powdered spinach, salt, garam masala and mix all the ingredients well.

    After the vegetable comes to a boil, add pieces of cottage cheese and cook on low flame for two minutes. After this, take out the spinach paneer vegetable in a bowl and garnish it with green coriander and one tablespoon of cream.

    Then serve the hot vegetable with naan, parantha or rice.

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