Meerut: Wrapped a newborn innocent wrapped in sacks of sack, found alive after hours

  • Uttar Pradesh Of Meerut A heartbreaking incident has come to light in On Monday evening, in Shatabdi Nagar Sector-4 of Pratapur police station area, a Kalyugi mother gave birth in her own newborn girl, wrapped in blankets and placed them in three blocks of cement and threw her in roadside bushes.

    However, after listening to the voice of the innocent people of the locals, he was saved and with the help of the police Hospital Transported.

  • Mother left to give birth to newborn after giving birth

  • TOI According to the people, on Monday evening people heard the sound of baby crying from the bushes on the roadside in Shatabdi Nagar Sector-4. After some time a crowd of people gathered there. People suspected that the cry of the baby was coming from the sack lying in the bush.

    Passengers took the sack out of the bushes and examined it. There were three bags in it after one. A newborn girl wrapped in a blanket was found inside the third sack.

  • The anger of people erupted after seeing the innocent

  • People were stunned to see the newborn innocent in three sacks of sack. During this time, his anger broke out and he whipped the innocent parents. During this time people informed the police.

    During this, people made a video of the innocent and uploaded it on social media.

    Reacting to this, people are cursing innocent family members. In the video, a woman is saying how any parent can do this.

  • Twitter post

    Watch the newborn innocent video here

  • Girl admitted to District Women’s Hospital – Police

  • Thanaprabhari Dr. Akhilesh Narayan Singh said that he had been informed of a newborn lying in the Shatabdi Nagar area.

    After this, the police team reached the spot and admitted the innocent girl to the Women’s District Hospital, where her treatment is continuing.

    Doctors say that the innocent is born prematurely. Presently the condition of the innocent is improving and all psyche operation procedures are being followed in treatment.

  • Condition of innocent is normal after treatment- Chaudhary

  • Dr. Vivek Chaudhary, who works at the hospital, said, “Currently the condition of the innocent is stable. We have checked the heart rate, oxygen level and other important parameters. They are all normal and working according to a newborn baby.”

  • CCTV footage is being searched by police

  • The police is now trying to trace the parents of the newborn in the case. According to doctors, the newborn was dumped shortly after birth. This is why his placenta is also not cut.

    In such a situation, the police is now scanning footage of CCTV installed in the surrounding areas. Based on this, the police can get some clues. Thanaprabhari said that the accused woman will be traced soon.

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