Modi can be defeated only by the silence of India’s intellectuals, says Yogi Adityanath

UP Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath has said that Prime Minister Narendra Modi is not afraid of the opposition, the only danger he faces is from the silence of the intellectuals of the country.

Addressing a ‘Pradudhh Jan Sammelan’ organised in Agra by the BJP, the UP CM said that if the intellectuals of this country take up the mantle and silence Modi’s detractors by telling them what Modi has done for the country in the past four years, then Narendra Modi will surely win the coming Lok Sabha elections as well.

He said that the BJP is holding these ‘Prabudhh Jan Sammelans’ in various parts of the country to mobilise the country’s intellectuals in support of PM Modi.

Yogi said that the Congress and the rest of the opposition parties always fooled the people in the name of secularism, while dividing the country into castes and religion. According to him, PM Modi is silently working on moving India on the path of becoming and developed and corruption free country.

He enumerated a long list of development projects launched by the Modi government and said that if PM Modi gets re-elected in 2019, it will be only with the support of the country’s intellectuals.

Addressing the meet, BJP Chief Amit Shah said that the biggest credit for the formation of Modi government in 2014 goes to the people of UP who voted exclusively for the BJP. If the BJP had not got 73 seats in Uttar Pradesh, it would not have been easy to make a full majority government. Now in 2019, the same opposition parties are again forming up against PM Modi and it will be the duty of the people of UP to not let these parties that are deeply entrenched in nepotism and corruption, regain power.

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