Most deaths in India due to late arrival of corona patients to the hospital- Government | Newsbaits

  • The government says that due to the corona virus in India, fewer people are dying than other countries and the reason behind the deaths is due to delayed arrival of the corona infected to the hospital for treatment.

    The Ministry of Health informed that 106 out of 10 lakh people are dying due to Corona epidemic in India. In comparison, 216 people are losing their lives behind 1 million in the whole world.

  • Most patients arriving at the hospital due to deteriorating condition- Paul

  • Addressing the media, NITI Aayog member Dr VK Paul said, “There are fewer deaths in terms of numbers. Our analysis has revealed that severely Corona-infected patients are coming to the hospital late for treatment. Till then His condition has worsened. To avoid a serious condition, it is necessary to undergo a corona virus test and seek medical help on time. ”

  • Graph is coming down from several weeks

  • If you look at the epidemic graph in India, the number of new cases and daily deaths has been steadily decreasing for the past few weeks. For the first time since July, less than 20,000 new cases were reported on Monday.

  • Epidemic situation

    7,300 cases per 10 lakh people in India

  • Giving information about the epidemic situation in the country, Union Health Secretary Rajesh Bhushan said that 7,300 cases per 10 lakh people are being reported in India, while 9,600 people are infected corona globally per 10 lakh population. This means that India is taking the right steps towards overcoming the epidemic.

    For the past few weeks, the pace of the epidemic in the country seems to be under control.

  • The situation is better in December than in November

  • In the week of November 4 to November 10, an average of 46,000 new infections were confirmed daily. At the same time, the average number of new cases received daily in the week of 16-22 December has come to around 24,000 new cases.

  • Epidemic war

    Efforts of Central and State Governments are paying off

  • The Ministry of Health says that due to the efforts made by the Center and the States, the number of new cases and deaths is decreasing.

    An official of the ministry said that teams of experts were sent to states with high speed of infection. The teams looked at where improvements could be made and then prepared further plans accordingly. The result of these efforts is now in front of everyone.

  • What is the state of the epidemic in the country?

  • In India, 23,950 new cases of coronavirus infection were reported and 333 patients died due to this.

    With this, the total number of infected people in the country has reached 1,00,99,066. Of these, 1,46,444 people have lost their lives due to this dangerous virus.

    The number of active cases has come down to 2,89,240.

    India remains the second most affected country in the world after the Corona epidemic.

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