Mumbai: A four-year-old innocent died of balloon throat while playing

  • Children are fond of playing with balloons and they play them with great pleasure, but can anyone think that this balloon is someone’s The death Can also cause

    Actually, Mumbai A balloon exploded while playing on Sunday in Andheri area and a piece of it went around the neck of a four-year-old innocent.

    After this, he got trapped in the windpipe of innocent. This led to the death of an innocent child.

  • Accident occurred while playing with sister

  • India today According to the police, the deceased child is Devraj (4).

    His uncle told that on Sunday night he was playing with his elder sister in the room with balloons. They continued to play after the parents refused.

    Devraj continued to play for a while, but later went to bed sleeping. At the same time, a balloon exploded and a piece of it got stuck in Devraj’s neck.

  • The family tried to take out the balloon piece

  • The uncle of the deceased boy told that he started shouting after getting a balloon stuck in Devraj’s neck. At this he first attempted to remove a piece of balloon, but did not succeed.

    After this, he got close to him Hospital Arrived from where he was referred to another hospital.

    During this time, Devaraja fainted and on reaching the hospital, the doctors declared him dead. The incident mourned the family.

  • Post mortem

    Balloon piece found stuck in windpipe in post mortem

  • Police said that a piece of balloon was found stuck in the windpipe of the innocent in the post-mortem. Devraj’s father operates a paan shop near Mumbai Airport and was his only son.

    Police said that after the post-mortem, the dead body has been handed over to the family members. A case has been registered in this regard in Marg. His mother is in deep shock after Devraj’s death and is also undergoing treatment at the hospital.

  • In the past too, innocent people have died due to balloons

  • This is not the first case of death of children due to balloons. Earlier in August 2017 Maharashtra In K Nashik, an eight-month-old boy was killed after a balloon was trapped in the windpipe.

    Similarly, in January 2019, an eight-year-old boy was killed by a piece of torn balloon stuck in Faridabad and an eight-year-old boy was trapped in the throat of a balloon in Jaipur’s Jalupura in February.

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