Mumbai: Woman found living with her mother’s body since March

  • The body of an 83-year-old woman was recovered by the Mumbai Police from her house on Saturday.

    Officials said that in March the woman’s The death Had happened, but her 53-year-old daughter did not inform anyone.

    She had been living in her house with the corpse since March. The woman’s home is located in the village of Chuim in Bandra (West).

    Let us know about this event in detail.

  • How did the matter know?

  • The matter came to light on Saturday when neighbors complained to the police of the deceased woman’s daughter.

    The woman’s daughter was throwing trash from her window. After receiving the complaint, the policemen reached the woman’s house. As soon as he entered, he was shocked to see the scene there.

    He noticed that the body of the woman is kept in the house and her daughter has been living with him for the last several months.

  • Daughter of a woman struggling with mental problems

  • Mumbai Mirror According to the woman’s neighbors, her daughter is suffering from mental problems.

    Police believe that for this reason, he did not inform anyone about his mother’s demise.

    It is being told that the woman’s daughter did the same when her pet dog died a few years ago.

    She still lived in her house with the carcass for several days.

  • The woman could not answer questions related to her mother’s death

  • Giving information about the incident, a police officer said that the dead body of the deceased woman has been sent to the hospital for postmortem.

    He further informed that the woman’s daughter has also been taken to the hospital for medical examination. She has not been able to answer questions related to her mother’s death. Also, she could not tell why she did not inform anyone about the incident.

  • Old event

    Such a case was also revealed in Chennai in September

  • This is not the first case of living with a corpse. Many such cases have also been reported earlier.

    One such case came up in Chennai in September this year, where a woman had been alone with her son’s body for three days. After this, he informed other people about it.

    The incident was from Avadi area of ​​Chennai.

    According to media reports, the woman’s seven-year-old son died of hunger.

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