Ola’s first electric scooter will be launched in the Indian market in January next year

  • Cab service company Ola is now preparing to bring its electric scooters to the country.

    According to a recent report, Ola is going to launch its electric scooter in the Indian market soon.

    Initially, this electric scooter of Ola will be made in the Netherlands. After that it will be sold in India and Europe.

    It will be different and attractive from the existing electric scooters in the Indian market right now.

  • Will launch in january next year

  • In the Indian market, the company can launch its first electric scooter in January 2021.

    For your information, let us know that Ola has electric scooter company of Amsterdam in May this year Acquisition of Itergo BV In order to help him land electric scooters in India.

    While acquiring the company, Ola said that its target is to launch electric scooters in India by 2021.

  • Price will be lower than other scooters

    Price will be lower than other scooters
  • The electric scooter launched in January 2021 may be cheaper than the current petrol scooters in the Indian market.

    The company wants to capture a greater percentage share in India’s two-wheeler market.

    According to reports, Ola Electric wants to sell 1 million electric scooters in the year 2021.

    The company is preparing to set up a large plant to manufacture electric scooters in India. This will help in keeping the price of scooters low.

  • ITERGO BV was established in 2014

  • Let it be said that Netherlands’ electric scooter company Itargo BV was founded in 2014. Its appscooter is well-liked and has received many awards worldwide for its design and the technology used in it.

    It is capable of covering a distance of 240 kilometers once full charged. It can also accelerate from 0 to 45 kilometers per hour in 3.9 seconds.

  • In 2010, Ola started with this service

  • The company, founded in 2010, started by offering cab services. After that it also started the home delivery service of food. The company is based in Bangalore, Karnataka, India.

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