‘Opposition’s only glue is hatred for Modi’: PM’s jibe at Cong-DMK alliance

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday fired a salvo at the Congress and DMK in Tamil Nadu and said that their alliance had no vision of mission for the future of the country.

“Their only glue is hatred for Modi. Day and nigh they say only one thing: remove Modi, remove Modi, remove Modi,” he said.

Saying that the NDA had only three priorities – development, all round development and development and all inclusive development – he said that while the BJP was focussing on the country’s development, the “opposition is trying to take India backwards with a destructive mindset.”

Hinting at the recent Pulwama attack and the subsequent strike at a Jaish-e-Mohammed camp at Balakot in Pakistan, the PM said, “When the Congress and its allies were in power, the terrorists used to attack the nation regularly, city after city witnessed blasts, but the Congress remained helpless and silent. But times have changed now. India will not spare a single terrorist or jehadi. If they target us, we’ll find them wherever they are and ruin their happiness.”

He also invoked the issue of the Sabarimala temple and accused the Congress, DMK and Muslim League of “playing a dangerous game regarding the Sabarimala temple”.

“They are using brute force to strike at the root of faith and expression. Sadly for them, till BJP is there, no one will be able to destroy our faith and culture,” he said.


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