Pavitra Punia’s spooky encounter inside ‘Bigg Boss 14’ house is hair-raising!

New Delhi: If you are a ‘Bigg Boss’ fan, and have followed previous seasons, one thing is common. A mention of some spooky incident during the show. Right? Well, in last night’s episode, Eijaz Khan, Aly Goni and others are seen discussing one such event with other housemates. 

Eijaz mentions that Pavitra Punia told him, there was someone who hit her at the neck but she could see none in the garden area. While no one really believes, Pavitra is seen with a stiff neck and Aly tries to help her out.

Earlier too, housemates did discuss such weird incidents taking place inside the house. 

In last season, ‘Bigg Boss’ set the whole haunted atmosphere during a task and housemates enjoyed the most. 

So, do you think Pavitra was actually hit by someone or was it a prank?


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