Pfizer will talk to the government to explore the possibilities of vaccine use in India

  • After obtaining approval for the emergency use of their vaccine in the United Kingdom (UK), US pharma companies Pfizer and BioNotech have now begun exploring possibilities of using the vaccine in other countries as well.

    That’s why Pfizer’s company now India Has taken a step to negotiate with the government to explore the possibilities of vaccine use.

    The company says it is committed to using the vaccine in other countries.

  • Pfizer claims vaccine to be 95 percent effective

  • Let us tell you that on November 18, Pfizer-BioNotech, the company that developed the vaccine, claimed that the final analysis of the Phase III clinical trials revealed that their vaccine Up to 95 percent is.

    Along with this, the company had also claimed that the vaccine has met safety standards. In the analysis, it has been effective even among older adults and no serious safety concerns have been observed in any of the volunteers.

  • Pfizer applied for approval of emergency use on 21 November

  • Pfizer found the vaccine to be 95 percent effective after its emergency use in the United States and the United Kingdom on November 21. Application for approval did.

    Subsequently, on Wednesday, the UK approved the emergency use of the Pfizer-BioNotech vaccine.

    With this, the UK has also become the first country in the world and the first western country to approve the Pfizer vaccine.

  • This is the biggest challenge regarding use in India

  • This vaccine will need to be stored at -70 degrees. After packing dry ice, it will be stored in special cartons and delivered. It can be kept in freeze for five days. Therefore, it is a big challenge to use it in India.

  • Committed to carry forward negotiations with India- Nair

  • Pfizer spokeswoman Roma Nair TOI Told, “We are committed to taking the Indian Government forward. We are working with governments around the world to understand the infrastructure requirements of each country and we have logistic plans in place. We There is a belief that its use and distribution can be managed in India as well. ”

    He further said that he would talk to India soon.

  • reaction

    India does not have the infrastructure to use the vaccine- Ganguly

  • NK Ganguly, former director of the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR), said that Pfizer’s vaccine was meant for rich countries. India does not have the necessary infrastructure for its storage and distribution and its price is also high. In such a situation it is difficult to use in India.

    Here, a Pfizer official says that they are discussing with Gavi for the delivery of the doses. They also have special ships available to transport the vaccine.

  • The United States and the European Union have placed orders for 10 million doses

  • Let us know that for Pfizer’s vaccine, the US and the European Union have already placed an order of 100 million doses. Apart from this, the European Union has given more orders of 100 million new doses to the company in recent times.

  • India has not yet placed any order

  • Although the US, European Union and Britain have ordered crores of doses of Pfizer, the government has not yet given the order in view of the challenge of its use in India.

    Along with its storage and transportation challenge, its expensive price of $ 40-50 i.e. Rs 2,950 to Rs 3,700 is also a big problem. It is also very difficult for developing and poor countries to buy vaccines at this price.

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