Pink’ to Thappad how Bollywood movies are addressing some serious relationship issues

Recently, the trailer of an upcoming movie named ‘Thappad’ was released. It starts with a frail-looking Taapsee Pannu, who is playing the role of the protagonist, is sitting in front of a formidable-looking woman, perhaps a lawyer. Taapsee is being served a notice by her husband to return home and the lawyer-like woman is asking her questions. “Is it the family?”, “Is he having an affair?”, “Are you having an affair?”—these questions leave no doubts in the minds of the viewers that the protagonist had left her husband and the lawyer is trying to find what prompted the wife to do so. “It’s just a slap!” the woman who was asking questions sounds amused on learning the wife had left her husband because he had hit her once. How can someone leave a husband just because of a slap? Isn’t that silly? These perhaps are the thoughts running in the mind of the person interrogating the wife. “It’s just a slap. He has no right to hit me!” the bereaved wife, played by Taapsee Pannu, replies.
The trailer doesn’t just stop at that. It shows us many glimpses of how physical violence has been normalised by society. Whether it’s a mother worried about her married daughter getting a divorce because she raised her voice against marital violence or a friend suggesting that a wife should learn to tolerate a little violence, we have heard or read about it all. When a woman wants to step out of a violent marriage, these are the words (as the trailer rightfully depicts) that she gets to hear: