Prime Minister Modi and Biden discuss, discuss many important issues including Kovid epidemic

  • Prime minister Narendra Modi Future president of america on tuesday Joe Biden Talked on the phone and congratulated him on winning the election.

    During this, he committed to the strategic partnership of the two countries and discussed issues such as the corona virus epidemic and climate change. Explain that this was the first conversation between the two heads of state after Biden’s victory.

    He is the Vice President Kamala Harris Congratulations on the victory too.

  • Prime Minister Modi tweeted information about the conversation

  • Giving information about the conversation via tweet late on Tuesday, Prime Minister Modi said, “I congratulated him by talking to the elected President of America Joe Biden on the phone. We reiterated our commitment to the Indo-US strategic partnership and discussed our shared priorities and challenges such as the COVID-19 epidemic, climate change and cooperation in the Indo-Pacific region. ‘

    Explain that after Biden becomes president, climate change is going to be a big issue.

  • Second tweet

    Kamala Harris as a source of inspiration for the Indian-American community – Modi

  • In his second tweet, Prime Minister Modi congratulated Vice President Kamla Harris for the victory. He wrote, ‘I also congratulated the elected Vice President Kamala Harris on the victory. His success is a matter of pride and inspiration for the members of the Indian-American community, who are an important source of the strength of the Indo-US relationship. ‘

    Let me tell you that Kamla Harris is of Indian origin and her mother went to America from Chennai.

  • Jaishankar expressed hope of good relations with Biden administration

  • Please tell that the Foreign Minister of India on Tuesday only S. Jaishankar Had expressed confidence in the Biden administration to further the relationship of the two countries. He said that Biden is no stranger to India and had worked with India as Vice President during Barack Obama’s tenure.

    He said that Biden has been an important part of the era when there were major changes in India-US relations.

  • Emphasis will remain on these issues in Biden administration

  • Relations between the Biden administration and India are predicted to be good and during their tenure, the two countries can work together on issues such as terrorism, the Corona virus epidemic and climate change.

    In addition, Biden is also expected to support India’s permanent membership of the UN Security Council.

    In one of his policy papers, Biden has said that no global problem can be solved without India.

  • What was the result of the American presidential election?

  • Democratic Party candidate Joe Biden casts Republican Party candidates in late US presidential election results due to record number of mail-in voting (votes sent via post) Donald trump Has been defeated with a good margin.

    Biden received a total of 306 electoral votes, 36 more than the 270 electoral votes needed to win, while Trump had to be content with 232 electoral votes.

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