Prime Minister Modi appealed to farmers with folded hands, said- ready to discuss every issue. Newsbaits

  • There has been no talk between the farmers and the government that has been protesting on the borders of Delhi for the last 24 days regarding the new agricultural laws.

    The government is constantly talking about the farmers to overcome their dilemmas, while the farmers are adamant on repealing the laws.

    Meanwhile, now Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday appealed to the farmers with folded hands that they are ready to discuss every issue.

  • What is the reason for opposition from farmers?

    What is the reason for opposition from farmers?
  • The farmers, who have been protesting for the past several months about the agricultural laws enacted in September, intensified their agitation from 25 November. He called for a ‘Delhi Chalo’ march against the government.

    Farmers fear that laws allowing trade outside the APMC mandis will weaken the mandis and farmers will not even get the Minimum Support Price (MSP). Due to this the people of corporate place will exploit the farmers.

  • All talks have failed so far

  • Explain that till now five rounds of talks have been held between the government and the farmers and all are being fruitless. The farmers are adamant on repealing all the three laws. At the same time, the government is ready to amend.

    On Wednesday, a written reply has been given to the government by the United Farmers Front The Kisan Morcha has appealed to the government not to discredit the movement and talk to all the farmers simultaneously.

  • Prime Minister again defended agricultural laws

  • Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed the farmers of Madhya Pradesh through video conferencing on Friday.

    He vigorously defended the agricultural laws and said that this would benefit the farmers. If the farmers have any objection to these laws, then they are ready to discuss every issue with the farmers by folding their hands and bowing their heads. He assures that the government will resolve every issue related to farmers’ laws.

  • Talking about ending MSP is the biggest lie- Modi

  • Prime Minister Modi said that it is the biggest lie so far to talk about ending the Minimum Support Price (MSP) on crops with the new agricultural laws.

    He also surrounded those claiming to end MSP, saying that agricultural laws have not been introduced overnight. In the last 22 years, every government, state has discussed these in detail. Farmer groups, agricultural experts, economists, scientists and progressive farmers have also called for reforms.

  • Opposition parties are unable to digest agricultural laws- Modi

  • Prime Minister Modi said that the pain of the opposition is that they are not digesting how Modi did what he could not do and why should he get credit for this? His manifesto mentions these reforms.

  • Opposition parties are playing with the future of farmers – Modi

  • Prime Minister Modi said that in the competitive environment around the world, the farmer of India cannot be left behind and he should also get help from global resources and techniques.

    He said that opposition parties have so far helped themselves instead of helping the farmers. This is the reason why he is opposing agricultural reforms for the betterment of farmers. They are playing with the future of farmers.

  • Opposition parties cheat farmers – Modi

  • Prime Minister Modi said that the Congress government in Madhya Pradesh had promised to forgive the farmers’ loans within 10 days of coming to power, but they did not do so. They have played with the farmers with false promises.

    He further said that all the opposition parties had mentioned agricultural laws at some time in their manifestos, but are now opposing agricultural laws for political gains.

  • New agricultural laws will not affect MSP- Modi

  • Prime Minister Modi assured the farmers that the new laws will not affect the MSP. The farmers will continue to get the minimum support price on crops as before. In such a situation, farmers need not worry.

    Apart from this, the government is ready to address every apprehension and objection of the farmers on the agricultural laws. The Prime Minister said that he appealed to the farmers to join hands and hold talks.

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