Rahul Roy’s health improved, shared the video and said – I will come back soon

  • Actors who have been ill for a few days Rahul Roy The health of the body seems to be improving gradually. Now he himself has told that he is recovering.

    Rahul posted a video of himself on Instagram on Monday. In which he is seen with his sister Pia Gracie Roy and a friend.

    Rahul is not saying anything in this video, but a big smile is definitely visible on his face.

  • Rahul thanked the fans

  • Apart from this video, Rahul has also posted a collage picture from Nanavati Hospital with his loved ones.

    Rahul is seen standing in the video holding both his sister and friend. With this, the 52-year-old actor wrote in the caption, ‘I am recovering. Thank you to all my friends, family and fans who gave me so much love and prayed for me. I will come back soon. Love everyone- Rahul Roy.

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  • Brain stroke

    Rahul had a brain stroke during the shooting of the film

  • Significantly, the ‘Aashiqui’ fame actor has been busy shooting for his upcoming film ‘LAC: Live the Battle’ in Kargil for some time. In the meantime they Brain stroke Was.

    After which he was admitted to Srinagar and then to Nanavati Hospital in Mumbai. Where he was placed in the ICU.

    It is being said that Rahul suffered a brain stroke due to excess cold. Here he was shooting at minus 15 degrees Celsius.

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  • Aphasia disease

    Rahul was also reported to have aphasia disease

  • Recently there was news that after brain stroke Rahul Symptoms of aphasia Are showing

    In this situation, the person’s will power to talk starts to wane. The person suffering from this disease also loses the power to speak, write and explain anything.

    However, no official statement regarding this problem was revealed.

    At the same time, Rahul’s fans are constantly praying for his recovery.

  • Rahul Roy is in discussion about these films

  • As of now, apart from ‘Aashiqui’ actor ‘LAC: Live the Battle’, the film ‘Agra’ which is also being directed under Kannu Bahl is also in discussion. In this film, stars like Vibha Chibber and Sonal Jha will also be seen in important roles with them.

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