Rajasthani Mawa Kachori is very easy to make at home, know its delicious recipe

  • Rajasthani Mawa Kachori is a delicious dish whose taste can double the celebration of special occasions. Its taste is so amazing that it captivates everyone’s mind, from children to the elderly.

    The best part is that it is very easy to make at home. Let us know in detail about the ingredients required for Rajasthani Mawa Kachori and easy method of making it.

  • Supplies

    These things will be needed

  • 1) two cups maida

    2) 1/4 cup desi ghee

    3) One cup Mawa

    4) a cup of sugar

    5) ½ cup powdered sugar

    6) Two tablespoons almonds (finely chopped)

    7) One tablespoon pistachios (finely chopped)

    8) Two tablespoons Cashew (finely chopped)

    9) One teaspoon cardamom powder

    10) A little Saffron

    11) Desi Ghee or Refined Oil

    note: If you want, you can reduce or increase the amount of ingredients according to you.

  • Start by kneading shortbread dough

  • First of all, mix flour and a quarter cup of desi ghee and mix them well. Now knead it into a soft dough by adding a little water.

    After this, keep the dough covered for 20 minutes so that it can be set for kachoris.

    Keep in mind that while kneading the dough is to be bind only, not smoothed mashed because if the dough becomes smooth then it will be difficult for you to make shortbread.

  • How to make mawa stuffing

  • For this, first put a pan on the gas and break the mawa into it and fry it lightly while stirring it on a low flame.

    When the color of mawa changes slightly and it starts to smell, then turn off the gas and take it out in a plate.

    After this, cool the mawa and when cooled add powdered sugar, finely chopped nuts and cardamom powder and mix them well. This will prepare the stuffing.

  • How to make syrup with this string

  • For this, put a pan on the gas, add sugar and half a cup of water and cook it by dissolving it in sugar water.

    When the sugar dissolves completely in water, take one or two drops of sugar syrup in a bowl and allow it to cool slightly.

    After this check this sugar syrup and if a wire is forming between the finger and thumb, then understand that your syrup is ready.

  • This is how Rajasthani Mawa Kachori is finalized

  • Now break small balls from the dough and roll them round and shape them into a bowl with the help of finger and thumb.

    After this, fill one or two small spoons of stuffing in the dough and close their mouth and flatten them by pressing with hands.

    Now fry all the kachoris in a pan and soak them in a sugar syrup pan and take them out in a plate.

    Your Rajasthani Mawa Kachoris are ready and enjoy them with the family.

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