Saif Ali Khan apologizes for his statement about Sita Haran

  • Bollywood actor Saif Ali Khan These days, Sita has been in the limelight for a statement given about Haran.

    Regarding this, social media users say that they have justified Ravana by insulting Lord Ram. For this reason, he is also being talked out of his next film ‘Adipurush’.

    Now, seeing the ruckus, Saif finally apologized for his statement.

  • Disputed statement

    What statement did Saif make?

  • Actually, Saif recently Said in the interview, “Om Raut a wicked character too human and entertainment Way to present on screen. ”

    The actor had said, “It is interesting to play the role of a demon king, but it is not as strict. We have made it full of entertainment. It will show that Sita’s abduction and war with Rama were justified, because Lakshmana made Ravana Sister Shurpanakha had her nose cut. ”

  • BJP leaders outraged by Saif’s statement

  • Since the statement, many users have flared up on Saif.

    Today, BJP leader Ram Kadam also wrote in a tweet on Saif’s statement, “Saif has made a shocking statement about his upcoming film ‘Adipurush’.”

    He further wrote, ‘Saif, who plays Ravana in the film, says that the deletion of Mata Sita in the film would be appropriate. Ravana’s human side will be shown and his war with Shriram will be justified. ‘

  • Twitter post

    See Ram Kadam’s tweet

  • Now Saif apologizes

  • Now Saif said while clarifying, “I came to know that my statement in an interview has created controversy and people’s feelings have been hurt. I did not intend to nor do I want to. I return my statement I take it and sincerely apologize to those who have been hurt by my words. ”

    Saif continued, “Lord Rama has always been a symbol of righteousness and valor for me.”

  • The team is working hard – Saif

  • Saif further said in his statement about his film, “Adipurush is a celebration of the victory of good over evil. Our entire team is working hard to present this epic.”

  • Film is being made in megabuzz

  • According to reports, Om Raut is going to make the film in a mega budget of Rs 350-400 crore.

    in film Radiance Will be seen in the role of Lord Rama. While Kriti Sanon can be seen as Mata Sita, Angad Bedi as Meghnad and Sunny Singh as Laxman. However, no official announcement has been made on the name of anyone other than Saif and Prabhas.

    The film is set to release on August 11, 2022.

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