Shivraj Chauhan accused of describing another’s poem as his wife’s creation

  • Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister of Shivraj Singh Chauhan He has been accused of presenting another’s poem as his wife’s work.

    Shivraj had said that this poem was written by his wife after the death of his father, while Bhoomit Birathare, a resident of Bhopal, has described the poem as his own and has asked the Chief Minister to give him credit.

    Opposition leaders have also targeted Shivraj in the case.

  • Shivraj’s father-in-law died on November 18

  • Shivraj’s father-in-law Ghanshyam Das Masani passed away on 18 November at the age of 88.

    Four days later, he tweeted and wrote, ‘Father and daughter relationship is the most precious relationship in the world. This is a relationship in which there is no condition, it is absolutely selfless. The daughter is closest to the father and also proud of the father. A daughter is most loved and proud of her father.

  • Shivraj shared a poem called ‘Bauji’ in the name of his wife

  • In his next tweet, Shivraj, while posting a poem in the name of his wife Sadhana Singh, wrote, ‘My wife, self. The virtuous remembrance and liveliness of Babu ji is threaded in a few lines. ‘

    He then posted a poem titled ‘Bauji’, whose opening lyrics were ‘Whose shoulder I used to roam around, I shouldered him.’

    He also shared a picture of his father and wife.

  • Twitter post

    This is disputed poem

  • Bhumika said – I wrote a poem after the father’s death

  • Now playing the role of author and anchor, questioning Shivraj’s claim, Birathare claimed the poem to be his own and said that he wrote it after his father’s demise.

    Speaking to NDTV, he said that he wrote what he felt as he performed all the rituals during his father’s last visit.

  • Bhumika expressed strong objection to stealing poetry

    Bhumika expressed strong objection to stealing poetry
  • Bhumika continued, “On November 21, I posted the poem on Facebook. After coming back to Bhopal, my friend shared a screenshot that Sadhana Singh, wife of the honorable Chief Minister, shared this poem in a WhatsApp group. I I responded with a smiley. But after this I came to know that the Chief Minister had also tweeted and said that this poem was written by his wife. I have a strong objection to it. ”

  • Bhoomika asks poetry for Shivraj

  • Appealing to Shivraj, popularly known as ‘Mama’ in the state, Bhumika said, “You are my maternal uncle, my favorite Chief Minister, I do not want to politicize all this. I just want my poetry to be credited.”

  • Former Union Minister of Congress said- BJP specializes in name change

  • Senior Congress leader and former Union Minister Arun Yadav, while targeting Shivraj in the case, said, ‘The BJP is adept at changing the name, this thing was once again exposed. First the names of the Congress schemes were changed, then the names of the cities started changing and now Chief Minister Shivraj Singh ji has started telling the poems written by others, also the poems written by his wife. Wow, Shivraj ji.

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