SII will soon apply for emergency use of Corona vaccine ‘Kovishield’ in India

  • India In Corona virus Big news has come out about the vaccine.

    Pune-based Serum Institute of India (SII), which is producing a potential vaccine for Oxford-AstraZeneca, Adar Poonawala has said that he plans to apply for emergency use of Kovishield in the next two weeks.

    The potential vaccine for AstraZeneca-Oxford is known as Kovishield in India.

    He said that the results of its trial have been good.

  • Trial results

    What were the results of the vaccine trial?

  • AstraZeneca recently announced the results of a final phase trial of their vaccine. These results, released after the 131 people involved in the trial were found to be infected, found the vaccine to be 70.4 percent effective on average.

    According to the company, the vaccine was found to be 90 percent effective in the group of 2,800 people with first half dose and then full dose, and 62 percent in the group of 8,900 people with both full doses.

  • Vaccine distribution will start from India – Poonawala

    Vaccine distribution will start from India - Poonawala
  • Prime Minister Modi Addressing the media after the SII tour of India, Poonawala said that vaccine distribution would be started from India itself. A plan will then be made about distribution in Kovacs countries.

    He said AstraZeneca and Oxford were handling the distribution of the vaccine in the UK and Europe. SII’s priority countries include India and Kovacs, which are mainly in Africa.

  • “The government did not demand a dose in writing”

  • Poonawala also stated that he has not yet received anything in writing about how many doses the government will buy from SII, but there are indications that by July 2021, 30 to 40 crore doses can be purchased.

  • Discussed in detail about the vaccine with the Prime Minister – Poonawala

    Discussed in detail about the vaccine with the Prime Minister - Poonawala
  • Talking about Prime Minister Modi’s SII visit, Poonawala said that he had a detailed discussion about the vaccine.

    He said that the Prime Minister now has a lot of knowledge about the vaccine and its production. The Prime Minister already knew a lot. He had to elaborate on very few things.

    Poonawala also mentioned that SII has built the largest plant in Pune and a new campus in Mandari.

  • Poonawala has spoken of supplying 100 million doses in December

  • In the same month, Poonawala had said to supply 100 million doses of the vaccine.

    NDTV According to, he said that the vaccine may get emergency use from the government in December if the vaccine is found to be effective at the end of the trial and develops antibodies.

    He had said that the company would have produced 10 million doses of the vaccine by December and all these would be supplied nationwide.

  • Corona virus

    What is the state of the epidemic in the country?

    What is the state of the epidemic in the country?
  • Amid the long waiting for vaccine in India Number of corona infections Is constantly increasing.

    In the country, 41,322 new cases of infection with corona virus were reported and 485 patients succumbed to it.

    With this, the total number of infected people in the country has risen to 93,51,109, while 1,36,200 people have lost their lives due to infection with this dangerous virus.

    The number of active cases has come down to 4,54,940.

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