Sonu Sood became Global Asian Celebrity 2020, many Indian celebrities made it to the list. Newsbaits

  • Bollywood actor Sonu Sood has been in the limelight due to Corona virus and helping people in need in this difficult time of lockdown. Even now he is constantly standing to help people. Due to this, the number of followers of Sonu on social media has also increased significantly.

    Now Sonu Sood has achieved another achievement for this reason. Indeed, he has recently been elected the Global Asian Celebrity 2020.

  • Sonu Sood gave tough competition to all celebrities

  • Britain’s weekly newspaper Eastern Eye A report published in has released the list of 50 Asian celebrities. In which Sonu Sood got the first place.

    This list includes celebrities from all over the world who have made a positive impression in the society with their noble deeds and have influenced people.

    In this list, the actor has won the first place giving a tough competition to all the celebrities.

  • Actor reaches home to migrants in lockdown

  • Significantly, Sonu Sood had helped a lot of the migrants to reach home to their family during this difficult time of lockdown. During this time, he had also arranged for food, buses, trains and air facilities for the migrants.

  • Sonu thanked for this honor

  • Now taking this honor, Sonu said in a statement, “Thank you Eastern Eye for recognizing my efforts. During this epidemic I realized that it is my duty to serve my countrymen.”

    He went on to say, “It was such a thing for which I came to Mumbai. It was my responsibility as an Indian to do what I did and I am not going to stop till my last breath.”

  • These stars got top 10

  • Now Eastern Eye editor Asjad Nazir has posted a list of the top 10 out of 50 Asian stars on Twitter.

    Sonu Sood in the first place, Canadian YouTuber and actress Lily Singh on the second, Charlie on the third, Dev Patel on the fourth, Armaan Malik on the fifth, Priyanka Chopra on the sixth, South Indian superstar Prabhas on the seventh, Mindy Kaling on the eighth. , Surabhi Chandana on the ninth and Kumai Nanjiani on the tenth.

  • Twitter post

    See Asjad Nazir’s tweet

  • These Indian celebrities also made a place in the list

  • Many Indian artists have made it to the Global Asian Celebrity 2020.

    It included Ayushman Khurana at 11th, Diljit Dosanjh at 14th, Shehnaz Gill at 16th, Amitabh Bachchan at 20th, Pankaj Tripathi at 23rd, Asim Riaz at 25th, Shivani Joshi and Mohsin Khan at 26th, Raiya Sharma at 30th, Masaba Gupta at 32nd, 36th The names of celebrities such as comedian Saloni Gaur, Nia Sharma on 40th, Sound Bhanushali on 42nd, Haley Shah on 47th and Anushka Shankar on 50th.

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