Special feature on Snapchat 2021


  • To chat with the help of photos, a lot of users use the Snapchat app and many filters are available on it.

    Before World Hindi Day, Snapchat has brought a special feature, with the help of which users will be able to learn Hindi.

    This feature phone can teach Hindi using the camera.

    Let me tell you, the first World Hindi Conference was held in Nagpur on 10 January 1975, after which World Hindi Day is celebrated on 10 January.

  • Snapchat brought ‘Learn Hindi’ lens

  • This year, Snapchat has brought a ‘Learn Hindi’ lens to the app to celebrate World Hindi Day.

    This lens has been designed by Snapchat’s official lens creator Past Karel.

    Nepal’s digital creator Kharil has created this using Augmented Reality (AR) in Snapchat’s Lens Studio and is fond of learning new languages ​​himself.

    You can use the new lens by searching ‘Learn Hindi’ in the Snapchat app.

  • This is how the ‘Learn Hindi’ lens will work

    This is how the 'Learn Hindi' lens will work
  • The new lens on the Snapchat app is based on augmented reality, and shows machine learning in front of the phone camera with machine learning.

    As soon as you point the phone’s camera at an object with the ‘Learn Hindi’ lens, its name starts appearing in English and Hindi.

    Apart from this, how the name of an object is spoken in Hindi is also seen.

  • Will be able to learn the names of things

  • Snapchat is giving a new feature around the world and with it it can be learned to speak the names of things in Hindi.

    The company claims that the new ‘Learn Hindi’ lens can recognize more than 1,000 different things and can show their names in Hindi and English.

    Users like this feature are found in Google Lens, with which things can be scanned with the phone camera and know about them.

  • It will be fun to learn hindi

    It will be fun to learn hindi
  • Digital creator Kharel, who designed the lens, said that the purpose of launching ‘Learn Hindi’ lens is to make it easy and fun for people to learn Hindi.

    Karel said, “I was always impressed by the augmented reality of Snapchat lenses. With the release of Lens Studio I was aware of this and wanted to create a work tool with the help of it. I can easily give users The idea of ​​teaching Hindi came from here. “

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