Steamed noodles momos can be made at home very easily, know the recipe. Newsbaits

  • Everyone loves children or big momos. Although different types of momos are easily available in the market, if you worry about hygiene while eating momos outside and you are willing to try something new at home, then once-home steamed noodles momos are sure to Create.

    Believe it or not, you will be forced to lick your fingers after eating momos made at home. Let’s know its recipe.

    Supplies: You will need these things

    1) one cup maida

    2) One Packet Instant Noodles

    3) two tablespoons refined oil

    4) Two tablespoons cabbage (finely chopped)

    5) Two tablespoons capsicum (finely chopped)

    6) Two tablespoons carrot (finely chopped)

    7) One tablespoon tomato sauce

    8) One spoon vinegar

    9) a spoonful of soy sauce

    10) Half teaspoon ginger paste

    11) Salt (as per taste)

    note: If you want, you can increase or decrease the number of ingredients according to your needs.

    Firstly knead the dough for a layer of momos

    To knead the dough for the momos layer, first sieve the fine flour in a bowl, then add a quarter teaspoon of salt and a teaspoon of refined oil on it and mix it well.

    Then add a little warm water to it and knead the soft dough like normal flour. After this, keep the dough covered with a cotton cloth for at least 20 to 25 minutes.

    Prepare momos noodles stuffing like this

  • For this, heat a slightly refined oil by placing a pan on the gas, then fry ginger paste lightly in it.

    After this, put carrots, capsicum, and cabbage in the pan and fry it on high heat and when the vegetables are fried, boil water in the pan.

    Once the water comes to a boil, add instant noodles, spices of noodles, tomato sauce, soy sauce, vinegar, and salt and cook all the things well in a plate.

  • Method of finalizing noodles momos

    Method of finalizing noodles momos
  • Now take small dough of fine flour and roll them, then fill the stuffing with noodles in the middle and close it by rolling it with an edge and you can leave a small hole while giving momos shape, so that the vegetables also steam up.

    Now put all the momos in the steamer and steam it. Then when the momos are well steamed, serve them with shejavan or tomato sauce.

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