Sweater shine will remain for a long time, just follow these special tips. Newsbaits

  • The sweater not only protects from the cold, but it also plays an important role in our style. So it is important that you always keep your sweater like new.

    However, it is often seen that new sweaters lose their luster in the same season and old ones start appearing.

    So today we are going to tell some ways that you can keep the shine of your sweater for a long time.

  • Delete like this

  • No matter how good the fabric of your sweater is, but after a while, it starts to look ruffled. Actually, this happens due to rubbing in the sweater after wearing it and due to the ruins your sweater starts to look old.

    Therefore, when sweeping, clean your sweater with a lint remover. If you do not have a lint remover, you can do the same with the help of a razor.

  • Wash properly

  • If you want to keep the sweater intact like new, then it is necessary for you to wash it properly and it is considered better to wash woolen clothes like sweater by hand.

    For this, first mix cold water and liquid gentle detergent in a bucket and then leave your sweater in it for 30 minutes.

    After this wash the sweater with cold water and squeeze it well and dry it.

  • It is very important to dry the sweater properly

  • When it comes to drying the sweater properly, many people use hangers for it, which is wrong.

    Doing this opens the sweaters, so never use a hanger to dry them, but dry them on a rope during strong sunlight.

    By doing this, the sweaters will dry well and the germs in them will also die.

  • Easy ways to store a sweater

  • Whichever cupboard or box you want to store your sweater in, first clean it thoroughly.

    Then put dry neem leaves in it and place newspaper on them and place your sweater on top of newspaper. This will not bring moisture to the sweater and they will avoid spoilage.

    One way to store sweaters safely is to wrap them in muslin cloth.

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