Taapsee made big disclosures, said – I was removed from the film due to the wife of the hero

  • Bollywood actress Taapsee Pannu Today, she is one of the industry’s A-lister actresses. Every day producers and directors are signing them for new projects. However, it was not easy for Tapsee to reach this point.

    Recently, Taapsee has recalled the phase of his career when his dialogues were changed at the behest of the hero, or he was thrown out of the film due to the wife of the hero.

  • Hero’s wife did not want me to be in the film- Taapsee

  • Tapasi Filmfare Told “I have faced many strange things. Like I don’t look very beautiful. I was replaced because Hero’s wife did not want me to be a part of the film.”

    Taapsee further added, “I was dubbing a film when I said that the hero does not like my dialogues, so I have to change it. I refused to do so in my absence from the dubbing artist This work was done. ”

  • Due to Hero, there was a reduction in the fees of Tapasi

  • Taapsee further added, “Once I was told that Hero’s previous film could not do well, then I have to cut my fees, because the budget has to be kept under control.”

    The actress added, “There were some heroes who used to change my introduction scene because they thought it was better than their scenes.”

    Taapsee said that all this had happened in front of him, I do not know what would happen behind the back.

  • Interesting movies

    Tapsi decided to do happy films

  • The 33-year-old actress said that she has decided that she will now only do films that make her happy.

    He said, “Whenever a girl does female-oriented films, the male actors are hesitant to cast her as the leading actress in their films. Though, it may be a long and difficult journey for me, but I I will enjoy my day. ”

  • Taapsee is in discussion about these films

  • Talking about Taapsee’s acting career, she is currently working on many projects. He is soon to be seen in ‘Rashmi Rocket’. Apart from this, he also has films like ‘Haseen Dilruba’, ‘Shabash Naidu’ and ‘Loop Wrap’.

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