Take care of these things in a car with a turbo engine, there will be no reduction in performance

  • Nowadays, most cars are available in turbo charged engine options.

    Automobile Companies are launching new cars with turbocharged petrol engines. With its help, the engine gives more power. Due to this engine, people have to keep many things in mind while driving.

    At the same time, turbocharged engines deteriorate quickly due to the negligence of some people. So they should take care of it as much as possible. For this, we have given tips here.

  • Do not pick up immediately after starting

  • If the car is equipped with a turbocharged engine and it has not been used for a long time, then do not give it a complete pickup after starting it.

    Wait for a while so that the engine can reach the oil chamber. Giving pickup as soon as the car starts can damage cars with turbocharged engines.

    The right amount of engine oil is needed for a turbocharged engine to function properly.

  • Run at low rpm before turning off the car

  • Turbocharged engines operate on compressed air. The turbocharger supplied in the engine becomes quite hot due to hot air and excess rotation.

    Due to which engine oil burns, its performance is affected.

    Also, the hot air inside the turbo charger reduces its efficiency. So do not drive the kilometer level car at low revolutions (RPM) before turning off the car.

  • Keep speed and gear

  • Common engine cars offer higher mileage at lower RPMs. This is not the case with cars with turbocharged engines.

    Running them at low speed affects the performance of the engine.

    It will spin faster to win. The same air will be drawn and this will happen only when the car runs at a higher RPM.

    On a cold engine, keep the RPM low, but keeping the RPM low when the engine is hot will not work to its capacity.

  • Take care of fuel

    Take care of fuel
  • Turbocharged engines require good fuel to keep them in good condition for years.

    Dirty and adulterated oil can not only damage the engine but also affect its performance.

    Although adulterated fuel is bad for all engines, it is more dangerous for turbocharged engines.

    For this reason, if your car has a turbocharged engine, then take special care of these things.

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