Test Championship: New rules brought by ICC, India removed, Australia reached first place

  • The final of the World Test Championship, which started last year, is to be played in June next year.

    Due to Corona virus, the schedule of Test Championship series in many countries has been affected and due to this new rules have come for the determination of the teams going to the finals.

    The International Cricket Council (ICC) has announced that the names of the two finalists will be decided based on the percentage of points scored by the teams.

  • ICC Cricket Committee gave suggestion

  • The ICC has approved the suggestion made by the Anil Kumble-led ICC Cricket Committee.

    The committee suggested the percentage points as the reason Corona has an impact on many series.

    So far only less than 50 percent of the matches of the Test Championship have been played and the ICC is hoping to have 85 percent of matches in the March 2021 window.

  • Something like this is the new digit percentage rule

  • A series of test championships total 120 points. Points are scored based on the number of matches in the series, such as 24 points on a win in a five-match series and eight points on a draw.

    According to the new rule, the number of points the team has played and the number of points they have taken will result in their percentage percentage.

    India scored 360 points in four series (480 points) and their points percentage was 75.

  • Unable to play matches will be considered as draw

  • According to the current rules of the Test Championship, matches which could not be played will be considered a draw. In such matches both teams will be given equal points.

  • India lost the first place as soon as the new rule came

    India lost the first place as soon as the new rule came
  • Score 360 ​​by playing four series Indian Cricket Team Has lost its first place as soon as the new rule comes.

    Actually, India has scored 360 out of 480 and their points percentage is 75.

    On the other hand, Australia have scored 296 points out of 360 and their score percentage is 82.22.

    With the new rule, the Australian team has reached first place.

  • Issue percentage can become a problem for India

    Issue percentage can become a problem for India
  • India has to play a Test series in Australia and then against England at home.

    At the moment, India is the only country that will get a chance to play all its six series.

    In the Test Championship, India will play for the full 720 points and in such a situation, they may have difficulties.

    If New Zealand, England and Australia play for 600 points, then their points percentage is expected to be higher.

  • New Zealand and India will be tough competition

  • New Zealand, who have currently scored 50 per cent with 180 points, have a good chance of making it to the finals.

    If they score a full 240 points at home against West Indies and Pakistan, their points percentage will be 70.

    India will have to win in Australia and at the same time England will have to defeat more matches in their home or else New Zealand will overtake them.

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