The government never said to apply Corona vaccine to the entire country – Health Ministry

  • Cases of corona infection are increasing in the country and everyone is waiting for its effective vaccine to come.

    People are thinking that once the vaccine arrives, they will escape from the corona due to this, but to think so is completely wrong. It is not necessary that you get it after the vaccine.

    Dorsal, Health The ministry says that the government has never said that people from all over the country will be vaccinated.

  • The government never said vaccination in the whole country – Rajesh Bhushan

  • Hindustan Times According to the Health Ministry’s regular press conference on the question of the time it takes to vaccinate the Corona vaccine across the country, Secretary Rajesh Bhushan said, “I want to make one thing clear that the government has never asked to vaccinate the whole country Didn’t. ”

    He said, “It is important that we discuss scientific issues based on factual information.”

    His statement shocked everyone.

  • Number of infected is lowest for every 10 lakh people – Bhushan

  • Health Secretary Bhushan said that at present India Has an average daily positivity rate of 3.72 percent. Similarly, only 211 people are getting infected every 10 lakh people. This is the lowest number compared to other large countries.

    He said that in the last one week European countries have been growing rapidly. The cumulative positivity in India has fallen from 7.15 per cent to 6.69 per cent between 11 November and 1 December.

  • Everyone will not need vaccine – Bhargava

  • Dr. Balaram Bhargava, Director of the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR), stated that the government aims to break the transmission of the corona.

    He said, “Vaccination will depend on the effect of the vaccine and we aim to break the transmission of corona infection. If we are successful in applying the vaccine to some people and can break the transmission, then we do not need to apply the vaccine to the entire population of the country.” Will fall. ”

  • Oxford vaccine deadline will not have any effect- Bhushan

    Oxford vaccine deadline will not have any effect- Bhushan
  • The government dismissed fears that the vaccine deadline might be affected by an alleged side effect on a Tamil Nadu man who took part in the Oxford vaccine trial.

    Health Secretary Rajesh Bhushan said that the deadline would not be affected. Volunteers who enter clinical trials already sign a consent form. In this, the volunteer is told that there may be some side effects in the trial.

  • So far, 14.13 crore investigations have been done in India

  • The Health Secretary said that 14.13 crore investigations have been done so far in the country. In November, an average of 10,55,386 tests have been done daily. Apart from this, an average of 43,152 cases were reported daily in November. The number of investigations is continuously increasing.

  • This is the condition of corona infection in India

  • The number of corona infections in India is increasing to 95 lakhs. Days in the country Corona virus 31,118 new cases of infection were detected and 482 patients succumbed to it.

    With this in the country Number of total infected 94,62,809, while 1,37,621 people have lost their lives due to infection with this dangerous virus. The number of active cases has come down to 4,35,603.

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