The magnetic hill of Ladakh defies the laws of gravity, know the special things related to it. Newsbaits

  • If we tell you that there is a hill in India, where things go upwards instead of rolling downwards?

    Of course you would never have heard of such a thing, but it is true that there is a hill in Ladakh which defies the laws of gravity and hence it is known as Magnetic Hill.

    Let us know some special things related to this magnetic hill today.

  • Famous as Gravity Hill or Mystery Hill

  • It is said that if a car is left on this hill with an engine, it is not downwards but 20 km. At the speed of an hour, you start walking up the hill.

    Not only this, even airplanes do not protect themselves from this gravitational force. For this reason, people call Magnetic Hill as Mystery Hill and Gravity Hill.

  • What do scientists say?

  • According to the scientists, the magnetic force theory works on the magnetic hill.

    Under this theory it is assumed that there is a strong magnetic force emanating from the hill which is pulling the vehicles within their range.

    It is said that in the past, due to this hill, the planes of the Indian Air Force had to change their route so that their magnetic force would not have any effect on them.

  • Some rumors about Magnetic Hill are also prevalent

    Some rumors about Magnetic Hill are also prevalent
  • People living at some distance from Magnetic Hill still do not believe in science and even today they believe that at one time there was a road here that led people to heaven.

    In such a situation, those who were able to go to heaven would reach there and those who were not able to reach there.

    However this is nothing more than just a rumor.

  • How to reach Magnetic Hill

  • If you are traveling by plane then there is Magnetic Hill at a distance of 32 km from Leh International Airport.

    Those traveling by train, get down at Jammu Tawi railway station and then cover the remaining distance from here by a taxi.

    Those who travel by road first reach Leh and then travel the rest in a local bus or taxi.

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