The second phase of the Malabar exercise begins from today, the US Navy’s Nimitz vessel will also be included.

The second phase of Indian Navy’s exercise ‘Malabar’ will begin in the northern Arabian Sea on Tuesday. The Indian Navy’s Vikramaditya aircraft carrier, American aircraft carrier Nimitz and the Australian and Japanese naval fronts will conduct intensive maneuvers for four days.

Officials said that during this exercise, coordinated operations will be practiced to increase the ability of the ‘Quad’ group countries to work together by the navies. The first phase of the Malabar exercise took place in the Bay of Bengal between November 3 and 6, during which submarine warfare and sea-to-air capability were practiced.

The exercise is taking place at a time when there has been a deadlock between India and China at the border in East Ladakh for the last six months, which has strained relations between the two countries. The Navy said in a statement that the second phase of the Malabar exercise will take place in the northern Arabian Sea between November 17 and 20.

Vikramaditya will include aircraft carrier and Nimitz vessel

According to the statement, at the center of the campaign will be Vikramaditya aircraft carrier and the battle group deployed on Nimitz. The Navy said the maneuvers are intended to increase coordination between the four vibrant democratic countries on the maritime issue and to show the Indo-Pacific region’s commitment to maintaining an open, inclusive and rule-based international order.

Keeping the identity confidential, an official said that the maneuver led by the USS Nimitz, a US-powered nuclear-powered group, would participate in the exercise, which would greatly increase the effectiveness of the exercise.

The USS Nimitz is the largest warship in the world. This battle group is a large naval fleet consisting of aircraft carriers as well as a large number of destroyers, frigates and other vessels. The maneuvers will include cruisers Princeton and Destroyer Strait with Pimitz and P8M Marine reconnaissance aircraft. The Australian Navy will be represented by the frigate Ballart and the helicopter.

Submarine warfare will also be practiced

The Indian Navy reported that other ships, submarines and aircraft along with two aircraft carrier ships would be involved in the exercise and would undertake four days of intense maritime operations. The Navy said the maneuvers would include ‘cross deck flying operations and MiG-29Ks deployed on Vikramaditya and air defense through F-18 fighter aircraft and E2C Hawkeye deployed on Nimitz. In addition, submarine warfare will also be practiced.

Apart from INS Vikramaditya, the helicopters of the aerial unit, destroyers Kolkata and Chennai, stealth frigate swords and auxiliary vessel Deepak will also be involved in the exercise from India. The Indian contingent will be led by Rear Admiral and Western Fleet Flag Officer Krishna Swaminathan.

In the second phase of the Malabar exercise, indigenously built submarine Khanderi and P8I marine reconnaissance aircraft will also showcase their capability from the Indian Navy.

Let us know that last month India also announced Australia to join the Malabar maneuvers, making it the practice of the four member states of the Quad to counter China’s military expansion into the Indo-Pacific region.

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