The story of gangster Vikas Dubey will be shown in ‘Hanak’, Manish Goyal will play the main character

  • Some time ago, the famous gangster of Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh Vikas Dubey He was killed in an encounter during an encounter with the police.

    The news related to this gangster with a reward of five lakh rupees is often heard.

    For a long time, the life of development is being tried on screen. Now the poster of the film ‘Hanak’ made on the life of Vikas Dubey has been released.

  • The film is based on the book ‘Main Kanpur Wala’

  • The film is based on the book ‘Main Kanpur Wala’ written by Mridul Kapil. Whose rights have now been bought by Mohan Nadar of Production Head Quarters Unlimited.

    This book has been written as a biography of Vikas Dubey. It was launched digitally just a month ago.

    Now the story of this book is being presented to the audience on the big screen. The film is being directed by Manish Vatsalya.

  • Manish is going to present the story in an interesting way

    Manish is going to present the story in an interesting way
  • Regarding his film, director Manish Vatyalya says that society should always be a mirror reflecting the mindset of the people.

    He added, “Unfortunately the film world has elevated the negative characters so much that it has started affecting the mentality of the viewers.”

    Manish told, “Now I will show terror in such a terrible way that people will start hating it.”

  • The film will be released in 2021

  • The film will feature actor Manish Goyal playing the role of Vikas Dubey. Amit Gupta is the co-producer of the film. Shooting for ‘Hanak’ will begin on 27 November. Whereas in March 2021 it will hit theaters.

  • Previous news

    There has been news earlier about the development of Vikas Dubey’s life on screen

  • It is worth noting that even before this, there have been reports of Vikas Dubey’s life being put on screen. Some time ago it was being said that Hansal Mehta would present Vikas’s life as a web series. It was to be produced by Shailesh R Singh’s company firm India and Entertainment.

    Apart from this, the news came that director Sandeep Kumar is also planning to make a film.

  • What is Vikas Dubey encounter case?

  • Kanpur gangster Vikas escaped after killing eight policemen with his gang. After that he reached Ujjain temple in Madhya Pradesh. On July 9, a security guard identified him and later the police reached there and arrested him.

    On the way to reach Kanpur from Ujjain on the morning of 10 July, Vikas tried to escape from the custody of the police, during which he was confronted.

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