These bicycles, priced at up to 1.5 lakhs, are very stylish, it will be double fun to run. Newsbaits

  • In the Corona period, there has been a big boost in the sale of bicycles in India.

    Due to working in the office from home, people have started using the bicycle to focus on their fitness.

    Good bikes are available in India as well as good bicycles, which are given many great features.

    Before buying a new bicycle, be sure to know about the bicycles available in India for up to Rs 1.5 lakh.

  • Scott Speedster 10 Disc

    Scott Speedster 10 Disc
  • The Scott Speedster 10 disc has an aluminum frame, due to which it weighs up to 10 kg more than other bicycles.

    However, the frame is tapered at different points to give comfort to the rider.

    All the cables in the bicycle are inside the frame so that it looks good from outside.

    Its tires are thicker than other race bicycles.

    It is available in India for Rs 1.25 lakh.

  • Trek Domane AL 5 Disc

    Trek Domane AL 5 Disc
  • The Trek Domain AL 5 disc is one of the finest bicycles available in India.

    It is lighter than other bicycles due to the carbon frame.

    It is available in the Indian market for between Rs 1.4 lakh and Rs 1.5 lakh and two color variants Lithium Gray with Trek Black and Factory Orange with Lithium Gray.

    Due to the powerful hydraulic disc brake and handlebar, the rider does not feel much fatigue when driving it.

  • BMC Teammachine ALR ONE

    BMC Teammachine ALR ONE
  • The BMC TeamMachine ALR One, built on a lightweight aluminum frame, does not get the features that are available in other bicycles with such a price according to its price.

    Despite this it is very much liked among the people and it is counted in good bicycles as it is easy to run in all types of areas.

    Its tire clearance is 28mm. It is available in India for Rs 1.4 lakhs.

  • Scott Addict 30

    Scott Addict 30
  • The Scott Edict 30, built on a carbon frame, was designed specifically for those who do not want to cycle at high speeds.

    This is a good option for riders who want to enjoy slow cycling. It is a very light cycle. Its weight is less than 8 kg.

    It is good for new bicycle riders, along with a good seat and better wheel.

    It costs Rs 1.3 lakh in India.

  • Bergamont Grandurance 6.0

    Bergamont Grandurance 6.0
  • In addition to the bicycles mentioned above, the name of Bergamont Grandeur 6.0 is also included in good bicycles available in India for Rs 1.5 lakh.

    According to the price, many good things have been given in it. It is built on ultra light tubing alloy frame. It does not have much weight.

    Explain that Bergamont Grandurance 6.0 bicycle is equipped with hydraulic disc brake.

    It is available in the Indian market for a price of Rs 1.3 lakh.

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