These famous stars of Tick Talk have done music videos

  • Tick ​​Talk was the most used app in India until shortly before it was banned.

    Tick ​​Talk also made many people an overnight star who had millions of followers.

    Because of this, many of them got the opportunity to work in many music videos including Punjabi.

    Today we are going to tell you about five such tick talk stars who have worked in music videos.

  • Faisal Sheikh

    Faisal Sheikh
  • Faisal Sheikh is the first Tick Talk star in India to have millions of followers. Faisal is known by the name of his fans Mr. Faisu.

    Faisal started making a video called Team 07 with his five friends, which became a hit on sight.

    Currently Faisal model, social media There are influencers and actors.

    Apart from this, Faisal has worked with TV actress Jannat Zubair in music videos like ‘Tere Bin Kive’ and ‘Frutti Lagadi’.

  • Riyaz Ali

    Riyaz Ali
  • Riyaz Ali is the famous star of Tick Talk and had millions of followers on his Instagram and Tick Talk.

    Riyaz, 19, is known for his hairstyle and lip-sync. Riyaz had made several videos together with Faasu and other Tick Talk stars.

    Also Riyaz Neha Kakkar Has also worked with TV star Avneet Kaur in music videos ‘Pahadan’, ‘Goochi’ and ‘Superstar’.

    Riyaz has achieved much success at a very young age.

  • Arishfa Khan

    Arishfa Khan
  • Known for his style and lip-sync on Tik Talk, the beautiful Tik Talk star Arishfa Khan also had millions of followers.

    Arishfa always treated her fans well. This is the reason why his fans liked him a lot.

    Arishfa had worked with Manjul Khattar in the ‘Yara’ music video, which was well received.

    After this Arishfa also worked in music videos like ‘Tere Mere Darmiyaan’, ‘Yara 2’ and ‘Emptiness’.

  • Nagma Mirajkar

    Nagma Mirajkar
  • The beautiful Tick Talk star Nagma Mirajkar, who surprised everyone with her dance video, also had millions of followers on Tick Talk.

    Everyone was crazy about Nagma’s dance steps and her style.

    Nagma, along with his boyfriend Avage Durbar, made many great dance videos. According to the information, Awez is also an excellent dancer and choreographer.

    Let me tell you that Nagma has worked in famous music videos like ‘Whatsapp’ and ‘Mera Mehboob’.

  • Garima Chaurasia

    Garima Chaurasia
  • Garima Chaurasia, who rapped the song ‘Too Hard’ for the first time on Tick Talk, became a Tick Talk star overnight.

    Garima also had millions of followers on Tick Talk, who loved her excellent dance and lip-sync.

    His friend Ragis had a good rapport with Winnie and both had millions of likes on their videos.

    According to the information, Garima has worked in superhit music videos like ‘Mashaallah’ and ‘Munda Behiman’.

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