These five scooters were the biggest sellers in the Indian market last month

  • This festive season scooters have sold a lot. Different Automobile Companies have increased their sales.

    A lot of scooters have been sold in the Indian market before Diwali in October. Scooters sold a total of 5,44,194 units last month. Whereas in the year 2019, 5,29,538 scooters were sold in October.

    This means that sales have increased by 2.77 percent this year.

    Here today we have told about the five best selling scooters in October.

  • Honda Activa

    Honda Activa
  • Among Indians Honda Activa Is well liked.

    Due to this, its highest number of units have been sold in the last month. Honda Activa sold 2,39,570 scooters in October.

    Talking about last year, it sold 2,81,273 units in October in the year 2019. However, its sales have fallen by 15 percent this year.

    Despite this, it has become the best selling scooter in October this year.

  • TVS Jupiter (TVS Jupiter)

    TVS Jupiter (TVS Jupiter)
  • In October this year, TVS Jupiter is the second largest selling scooter. Last month, the company sold 74,159 units.

    In the year 2019, 74,560 customers bought it in October. Compared to last year, this year its sales have increased by only one percent.

    It gives power of 7.47bhp and torque of 8.4nm that meets BS6 standards. It is available in the Indian market in four variants.

  • Suzuki Access

    Suzuki Access
  • Suzuki’s access to the Indian market is also well liked. It sold 52,441 units in October.

    In October last year, the company sold a total of 53,552 units of access. Its sales have fallen by two percent this year.

    Its 124.0cc engine gives 8.58bhp power at 7000rpm. Also its mileage is 64 kilometers per liter.

    Let us know that many variants of it are available in the Indian market.

  • Honda Dio

    Honda Dio
  • Apart from Honda Activa, the company’s Dio scooter has also sold well. It is at number four in this list.

    The company sold 44,046 units in October 2020 and 36,939 units in October 2019.

    This means that the company has registered a 20 percent increase in sales this year.

    Many variants of this are available to the people of India.

    Its engine gives 8.00bhp power at 8000rpm.

  • TVS Ntorq (TVS Ntorq)

    TVS Ntorq (TVS Ntorq)
  • TVS Entorq is at number five in the list of the five best-selling scooters in October.

    Last month, it sold 31,524 units. At the same time, it sold 23,842 units in the month of October last year.

    Looking at these figures, it can be said that this year its sales have increased significantly.

    Its engine gives power of 9.38bhp and torque of 10.5nm. It is also available in many variants in the Indian market.

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