These illusions related to split hair are not true, know their reality. Newsbaits

  • Split ends, ie split ends, are a very common problem and due to this the beauty of hair is reduced.

    Being a very common problem, many confusions have also arisen in people about split ends which they believe to be true, but these confusions are far from the truth.

    Let us know about some such confusions related to split ends and their truth today.

  • Confusion – Damage hair causes split ends

  • Many people believe that damaged hair is the only reason for the problem of split ends, but this is not completely true.

    Of course, the problem of split ends is observed in damage hair, but it is not necessary to have this problem only in damage hair.

    Healthy hair can also have this problem because split ends are based on the size of your hair strands.

  • Confusion – Haircut can prevent split ends

    Confusion - Haircut can prevent split ends
  • Some people believe that having a haircut can prevent the problem of split ends, while this is just an illusion.

    We are saying this because it is not possible to avoid the problem of split ends with a haircut. Doing this gives relief for a short time and after some time you may have to face the problem of split ends again.

  • Confusion – Homemade hair mask will get rid of split ends

  • It is also just an illusion that with the help of homemade hair mask one can get rid of the problem of split ends and this is far from the truth.

    Actually, hair masks can only help in conditioning the surface of the hair, but they cannot relieve the problem of split ends.

    Keeping the hair trim from time to time is the only option for some time relief from split ends.

  • Confusion- straight hair is more prone to split ends

  • One confusion associated with the problem of split ends is that straight hair is more at risk of having split ends, although this is not true.

    People with straight hair face the problem of split ends, although people with curly hair face this problem more because curly hair is more dry and the natural oil of the scalp does not reach the tip of the hair.

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