These make-up artists are behind the beauty of famous Bollywood actresses

  • In Bollywood, it is almost impossible to get a tick without a make-up artist. It is the make-up artists who give a glamorous look to any actress.

    Although every person is beautiful in themselves, but make-up artists work to enhance their glamor with their art.

    Make-up artists add to the beauty of any actress many times.

    In such a situation, today we will tell you about the five best make-artists of famous Bollywood actresses.

  • Puneet B Saini

    Puneet B Saini
  • It cannot be said that Bollywood’s best make-up artist and Puneet B Saini’s name does not come up.

    Whether it is bridal make-up or nude make-up Puneet has never disappointed.

    Puneet only Anushka Sharma Had done her bridal make-up and she was at the promotion event for Kalank Alia Bhatt Did the make-up of

    Puneet makes any actress look beautiful with her make-up. Because of this he has millions of followers.

  • Sandhya Shekhar

    Sandhya Shekhar
  • Whenever there is talk of bold and stunning make-up, the name of Sandhya Shekhar comes to mind first.

    Sandhya has worked with many Bollywood celebrities and has enhanced her look.

    Sandhya Bollywood actress Anushka Sharma and Deepika Padukone Is always the first choice. Deepika looks so beautiful on screen because of the evening.

    Sandhya has inspired people towards make-up with her art.

  • Lighthearted manchanda

    Lighthearted manchanda
  • The name of Savleen Manchanda is also among Bollywood’s best make-up artists.

    Lighthearted bollywood actresses Taapsee Pannu, Sonam Kapoor, Kareena kapoor And Sonakshi is Sinha’s first choice. These actresses remember Savleen for any kind of make-up.

    Savleen also works with famous designers like Masaba Gupta and Arpita Mehta, along with make-up of Bollywood actresses.

    They know very well how to make someone beautiful.

  • Daniel baver

    Daniel baver
  • We have all seen that Katrina Kaif and Priyanka Chopra Looks so beautiful. She injures millions with her beauty.

    But do you know that there is no one else behind this beautiful look but Daniel Bawar.

    Daniel is a famous Bollywood hairstylist and make-up artist.

    Daniel has also worked with several MTV Supermodel of the Year shows and many designers, besides giving a beautiful look to Katrina.

  • Lekha Gupta

    Lekha Gupta
  • in present Kiara Advani The beauty and their pink cheeks are attracting everyone’s attention.

    No one else is behind this but Lekha Gupta. Actually, Accounting Chick specializes in make-up.

    From winged eyeliner to minimalist contouring, Lekha has showcased many Bollywood actresses on screen with her make-up. This is the reason why he has a lot of fans.

    Accounts represent Indian and Western culture through their make-up.

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