Trump asked for options to attack Iran’s nuclear center, advisors stopped – report

  • us President Donald trump last week Iran K was about to attack a nuclear facility, but the advisors eventually stopped him from doing so.

    The new york times As reported by Trump, Trump last week asked his advisors about options to attack Iran’s Natanz nuclear center, but his advisors changed their mind when he called for a major conflict.

  • These top officials were involved in the meeting held on Thursday

  • Reportedly, Trump’s meeting was attended by Trump, along with several security advisors, including Vice President Mike Pence, new Acting Defense Minister Christopher Miller and Joint Chief of Staff General Mark Millie.

    According to officials, at the meeting, Trump asked for options to attack Iran’s Natanz nuclear base. When the advisors did so, a major conflict broke out in the area, after which Trump decided not to attack.

  • The advisors told Trump about all the consequences of the attack- Officer

  • According to one official, “President Trump asked for alternatives. The advisors told him of all the circumstances that led to it and in the end Trump decided not to proceed with the plan of attack.”

  • The meeting was held after reports of increase in Iran’s nuclear material

  • Significantly, this meeting took place at a time when the report of the International Atomic Energy Agency a day earlier said that Iran’s nuclear material would increase manifold.

    According to the report, Iran currently has 2.4 tonnes of less enriched uranium which is much higher than the 202.8 kg limit fixed in the nuclear treaty. In the last quarter itself, Iran produced 337.5 kilograms of uranium.

  • Aggressive attitude

    Trump has been attacking Iran since the beginning of his term

  • Let us tell you that Trump has been taking an aggressive stand against Iran since the beginning of his term as President and has withdrawn the US from the important Iran nuclear treaty during Barack Obama’s term.

    At the same time, in January, a drone strike at his behest, Iran’s top general Qasim Suleimani was killed in Baghdad and then both countries came to the war’s foot.

  • Trump was to attack Iran in June 2019 as well

  • Earlier in June 2019, Trump was about to attack Iran even after Iran killed an American drone, but he canceled his plan just 10 minutes before the attack.

  • There was a possibility that Trump, who had already lost the election, would take such a step

  • Given Trump’s attitude towards the outcome of the US presidential election, many experts were already anticipating Trump taking a wrong step and attacking a country, and this report from The New York Times is raising his concerns.

    Trump has lost the election, but is refusing to step down, accusing him of rigging. They Joe Biden The process of transfer of power has also not started.

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