Uttar Pradesh: Police stopped inter-religious marriage citing ordinance on conversion

  • On conversion Government of Uttar Pradesh The fear that was being raised about the ordinance of the state, the first example to prove this fear came true in the state capital Lucknow on Wednesday.

    Here the police stopped an inter-religious marriage citing the new ordinance and asked them to get approval from the District Magistrate before marriage. All this happened when neither of the two parties are converting.

  • Muslim young man and Hindu girl were getting married

  • The case is in the mercury area of ​​Lucknow. Here on Wednesday, a Muslim youth and a Hindu The girl was getting married, but a few minutes before the ceremony started, the police reached the spot and asked the two sides to accompany them to the police station.

    At the police station, the two families were first asked by the District Magistrate of Lucknow to get the approval of the marriage and then proceed with the programs.

  • Police received information about marriage on 2 December

  • Talking to the media, senior Lucknow Police officer Suresh Chandra Rawat said, “On 2 December we came to know that a girl from one community wants to marry a boy from another community. We called both sides to the police station and gave them new illegal religion Gave a copy of the change ordinance. The two sides agreed in writing that by law they would inform the District Magistrate about it and seek their approval before proceeding. ”

  • Marriage was being done with the knowledge and consent of family members

  • So far the families of both the boy and the girl have not officially said anything, but NDTV According to sources, the marriage was being done with the knowledge and consent of both the families and there is no coercion.

    Sources also said that after completing the legal process of both the families, there are plans to go ahead with the wedding and neither party has any intention of converting.

  • The background

    What is the disputed ordinance of Uttar Pradesh?

  • Uttar Pradesh Of Yogi Adityanath Government to prevent conversion by marriage by seduction, coercion or fraud, by inducement or by marriage ‘Uttar Pradesh The Prohibition of Unlawful Prohibition of Laws has been brought in 2020.

    This ordinance provides for a sentence of up to 10 years and a fine of up to Rs 25,000. Mass conversion can lead to a jail term of up to 10 years and a fine of up to Rs 50,000.

  • It is mandatory to get the approval of the District Magistrate before converting for marriage

  • This ordinance of the Uttar Pradesh government has not completely banned the conversion to marry, although the rules related to it have been tightened.

    In order to convert to marriage, the District Magistrate will have to inform it two months before the marriage and only after getting approval, such conversion will be considered valid. Violation can lead to a sentence of up to three years.

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