Veg Kebab Roll Paratha is better for health, prepare this way at home

  • Kebabs are not just for non-vegetarians, but vegetarians can also enjoy kebab flavors.

    So today we are going to tell you about Veg Kebab Roll Paratha Recipe Which is perfect for snack time. this Recipe The special thing is that it is better for health including flavors.

    If you make and feed your loved ones then they will not get tired of praising you.

    Let’s know the recipe of this delicious dish.

  • Supplies

    These things will be needed to make Veg Kebab Roll Paratha

  • The ingredients required to make Veg Kebab Roll Paratha are as follows:

    1) Two cups of soybean nuggets.

    2) Make four pieces of bread slices.

    3) Two teaspoons vinegar.

    4) Two teaspoons garlic paste.

    5) Half teaspoon pepper powder.

    6) Red chili powder (as required).

    7) Salt (as per taste).

    8) Two onions (waxed chopped).

    9) Green chillies (finely chopped).

    10) Two cups of wheat flour.

    11) Oil (as required).

  • How to make Flavored Veg Kebab Roll Paratha

  • First, soak the soybean in water and keep it for one and a half hours. Then squeeze the soybean well.

    Now mix soybeans, garlic paste, red chili powder, black pepper powder, salt, green chillies, vinegar in a bowl and mix well.

    Then make small kebabs from the prepared mixture and keep them in the fridge for one hour.

    After this, turn on the gas and place a pan on it, heat the oil in it and fry the veg kebab in it till it becomes golden.

  • Further way to make flavored veg kebab roll paratha

  • Combine the flour, salt and two teaspoons of oil in a bowl, mix well and knead the flour well with water.

    Then cover the dough for 30 minutes and after rolling the roti, heat the oil on the pan and bake the roti well on both sides.

    When the paratha is roasted then spread the kebab mixture over it and make a roll. After this, add green coriander chutney and onion and serve it hot-roll.

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