What is skin fasting? Know whether it is beneficial or harmful for the skin

  • Nowadays, every girl wants her skin to glow forever and she looks natural and beautiful.

    For which girls adopt many cosmetic products and home remedies, but due to lack of good results, nowadays many girls are adopting ‘skin fasting’. Today we will tell you whether this beauty hack is right or not.

    Let’s know what is skin fasting and what the experts have to say about it.

  • What is skin fasting?

  • Skin fasting is a Japanese beauty hack, which is very trend nowadays.

    Skin fasting means starving your skin.

    In skin fasting, do not apply any makeup products or creams on your skin for two-three days.

    It is believed that due to the use of skin products, the natural skin oil ends. As a result, our skin becomes completely dry, due to which the skin starts losing moisture.

  • Misconceptions about skin fasting in people’s minds

  • Many dermatologists (dermatologists) say that people have formed wrong opinions about skin fasting.

    People believe that skin fasting means that their skin is not rested due to not using any kind of skin products, which makes the skin glow, but this assumption is absolutely wrong.

    Rather, if you do not use skin products for only two days, you may have sunburn, dry skin, acne etc.

  • Expert advice

    It is important to follow the daily skin care routine

  • The dermatologist says that to keep the skin healthy, you should use skin products according to your skin.

    other than this Care of skin For this, you must use cleanser, sunscreen, day cream and night cream.

    Use of night cream is most important and beneficial, because any damage to the skin throughout the day can be avoided by night cream.

  • Skin fasting is not right

  • Just as our body needs the necessary nutrients, in order to keep the skin healthy, it also needs nutrients, which are very important for your skin care.

    If you do not use any skin products on your skin due to skin fasting, then it can damage your skin.

    Instead you can take care of your skin home remedies Can adopt.

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